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September 27, 2014

Trend in Interior Decor – Live Edge Tables
Although not necessarily a “new” style in interior design, live edges on wood furnishings are all the rage right now. Many interior designers and decorators in the GTA area have been looking to this sustainable, warm look of reclaimed wood for many of their clients. The natural appearance of live edge tables and chairs plays very nicely into a comforting appearance.
What is “Live Edge” Furniture?
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For those who are unfamiliar with live edge furniture, they are pieces that are created from wood that has been cut to a specific size, but not squared and levelled off at the edges. Rather, the grooves that naturally occur on the wood are left as is, which creates a wonderful look that brings domestic requirements and nature’s wild together in harmony.
This unique style of furnishing is often incorporated into dining surfaces and seating, as well as coffee and end tables. It’s also been used for countertops and centre islands in kitchens, consoles, bar tops, and even headboards. Not only is live edge wood furniture visually appealing, it’s also highly sustainable. This look makes use of trees that would have otherwise been discarded, which plays well into the eco-friendly attitude of today’s modern homeowner.
Warm Up Your Space With Natural Elements Mixed With Modern Pieces
While many times live edge pieces are used in a rural, rustic manner, the organic element of the outdoors also provides some relief from the harsh materials that are more modern in character. These natural pieces pair quite well with bare concrete and soften the lines in linear spaces.
A live edge furniture piece can effectively be used as a focal point for an interior, offering an ideal way to make a room stand out. This look essentially helps to bring the outdoors in, which is a trend in interior decor that is having its moment in the spotlight right now.
As this interior decor trend continues to grow, we’ll start seeing more innovative applications and designs, including LED-lit live edge wood shelves. With creative, out-of-the-box thinkers in the world of interior design, the trend of live edge wood furniture will most likely stick around for some time.
Let Hope Designs Help You Incorporate Live Edge Furniture in Your Home!
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