Interior Design in Tottenham: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Master Ensuite Bathroom

November 21, 2019
Interior Design in Tottenham

There are so many spaces in your Tottenham home that are worthy of attention, particularly when it comes to interior design. But one space in particular that can really help you enjoy your home to its fullest is your master ensuite bathroom. Done right, improving this room can help you bring the spa home and can provide you with an easily-accessible retreat after a long day at work.

If you’re considering revamping your master bathroom, consider the following savvy upgrades.

Smart Storage Solutions

A bathroom can quickly look dishevelled if you leave all of your stuff out, including your toiletries, bath needs, and linens. But with smart storage, you can tuck your belongings neatly away and out of sight. You can improve your bathroom’s storage with ideas such as custom cabinets that allow you to design your own storage solutions, baskets to camouflage open storage, built-in nooks (which will require pre-planning), and floor-to-ceiling decorative storage shelving.


Neutral colours in the bathroom seem to have been a staple over the recent past, with all-white or all-natural wood bathrooms and the like taking over bathroom design. But as fantastic as these bathrooms can be, sometimes a little pop of colour can really make a big difference in the space.

While you’ll be seeing more and more bright-red cabinets making a splash on the scene, there are other ways to add colour to your ensuite if you’re apprehensive about doing something so permanent, such as painting the walls, adding colourful tiles, laying a bright rug, or using colourful towels.


Under-cabinet lighting might be getting more and more popular in kitchens, but it’s making a splash in the world of bathrooms, too, and it’s a great idea. Think about it: under-cabinet lighting not only adds to the overall look of the space, but it also adds to the space’s functionality as well. You can also make use of wall sconces on either side of the mirror and or hang a decadent chandelier in the centre of the ceiling for even more opulence.

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