Interior Design in Schomberg: Finished Basement Room Ideas

November 29, 2019
Interior Design in Schomberg

One of the best ways to increase living space in your home without having to add an addition is by finishing the basement and turning it into useful space. Unfortunately, many basements in homes in Schomberg end up being wasted space. But finishing it in a smart and tasteful way can provide you and your family with additional room to make good use of.

If your basement is a blank canvas, now is a great time to finish it. And if you’re looking for some great ideas in interior design in Schomberg, consider these.

Media Room

One of the more obvious ways to use your basement is as a media room. You can outfit the space by anchoring it with a large TV, which can then be surrounded by cabinetry and shelving. Open shelving can help you warm up the space with displays of books, vases, and other decor. That way, the room will be more than just about the television, despite this piece anchoring the room.

Home Gym

Another popular use of a finished basement is by incorporating a home gym down in this space. If you’re into keeping fit, having a gym at home can be a great way to keep things convenient. And even if you’re not, having a home gym might give you a little more incentive to stay fit. But you don’t just have to throw in a weight machine and bike and call it a day.

Make the room more interesting and convenient by adding a separate television and maybe even hang oversized mirrors to visually expand the space. If you want to separate it from the living area down there, consider erecting a wall or simply add a room divider for some privacy.

Dining Room

You might think that the basement is a strange place for a dining area, but it can actually be a great spot for more casual dinner gatherings. If you already have a rec room or media room where you like to hang out when company comes over, you can make things easier for yourself by keeping everything downstairs if you plan to feed your guests. Add a dining room-sized table, comfy chairs, some crown molding, and some lighting to create a fabulous lower level dining area.

The basement is a great space to finish to add more living space to your home. If you are considering finishing your basement but aren’t really sure what to do with it, let Hope Designs help! We’re your go-to resource for interior design in Schomberg!