Interior Design Colour Trends For 2018

May 15, 2018

2018 is in full swing, and there’s no better time to adopt some of the trends in interior design and decor than now. Among all the elements of interior design that play key roles in the look and feel of a home are the colours used. 2017 may have been all about warm neutrals and tropical greens, but 2018 is pegged to be a year chock full of edgier tones.

Here are some of the interior design colour trends of 2018.

Ice Cream Colours

The spring time is the best time to start infusing your home with the colours you’ll see at the ice cream parlour. From pastel pinks, to pale yellows, to minty greens, any colour you can think of on your ice cream cone can be used this year in interior design while still being right on point.

Think of your favorite ice cream flavor to help give you some inspiration about where to take your interior’s colour. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one ice cream colour if you’re so bold. With the help of a skilled interior designer, you can skillfully infuse a few colours into your space without being too gaudy.


There’s nothing subtle or demure about this vibrant shade of blue, and it is the perfect colour to make a bold statement in your home. Whether you use it as wall colour or on your sofa upholstery, turquoise can make any room stand out, in a good way.

Indigo Blue

Blue seems to be a staple on this list, and this time we’re talking about inky-toned indigo blue. You can go as bold as painting your entire room in this colour, or else simply accessorize it if you’d rather create a more subtle yet interesting space.


While not necessarily a “colour,” ombre is a popular method of infusing colour into a space, and it’s not just limited to hairstyles. When done right, ombre on walls can give you something a little different aside from traditional solid colours or wallpaper. Just be sure to take the time to pick the right coordinating colours and blend them together to achieve the optimal effect.


Metallics were a huge trend last year, but 2018 is more focused on gold. It’s softer than silver yet still packs a good punch to bring an element of excitement and elegance to an interior. This year, you’ll be seeing a lot more gold on things like door knobs, handles, picture frames, and lamp bases. You can easily use gold accessories to create a sophisticated yet understated effect in your home.

Hope Designs – Helping You Take Advantage of Interior Design Colour Trends For 2018

If you’re a little unsure about how to infuse trendy colours into your home, call Hope Designs. With years of experience and our finger on the pulse of all things trendy in the world of interior design, we can help you add certain trends to your home while still staying true to your tastes and lifestyle.