Industrial Design Trend

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May 5, 2014

Interior decorating styles are always being recycled. It’s rare to see something that’s 100% brand new without having taken some of the style’s inspiration from some time in the past. But this is what makes interior design and decor fun and exciting – to see how styles of the past will be infused to styles of the present to morph into something new and appealing.industrial design trends by Hope Designs interior decorating and home staging services in Toronto and the GTA 570x259
The industrial interior decor style is one such look. This style may sound harsh and rigid, but with the strategic addition of certain pieces and colour, it can provide a cozy and warm feeling that is departed from the glitzy styles that have been dominating over the past few years. The simplistic style of the industry look has transformed from what was exclusively a part of old abandoned warehouses into an upscale and modern look.
Here are some of the basics of the industrial modern style for interiors:
Colours – Neutrals that are somewhat “rocky” in nature – like black and grey – are ideal for an industrial look to mimic what you would typically see in an old warehouse. These hues don’t necessarily have to appear as harsh as they sound. In fact, there are various shades of those colours that can offer warmth to an interior. Choosing colours like mushroom grey or charcoal can help complement the lighting plan of the home without being overly rigid. Furniture pieces should be kept in stone neutrals and greys.
Furniture – Considering the modern look of an industrial style, furnishings should feature clean lines with minimal fuss. Some curvature is fine, although it’s essential to keep it minimal with one single accent chair or even a curved light fixture.
Accents and Accessories – Metal fits the industrial look very well, and can be used in everything from light fixtures, to countertops, to wall art. Mixing matte and shiny metals is ok, but it’s important to put a limit to the amount of shine you infuse into the space, as the industrial look is more about the basics and less about the glam.
Elements – A typical warehouse features elements such as metal, concrete and wood. Playing around with these elements when decorating an interior in this style should involve choosing aged-looking metals and natural-finished woods. Using salvaged recycled materials is always welcomed, which really is the true industrialist way to do it.
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