How to Use Area Rugs on an Open Floor Plan

September 15, 2018

Open floor plans are highly-coveted by buyers and homeowners everywhere. They’ve become highly sought after, and for good reason. Open floor plans make a home look larger, more spacious, and brighter. They’re also conducive to increased interaction among family members and guests who can communicate each other without being hindered by pesky walls.

But when it comes to adding area rugs to open floor plans, many homeowners and sellers seem to have some trouble with how to lay them out without making the space look choppy and disheveled. Using area rugs on an open floor plan isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are a few things to know in order to make a space look seamless and put together.

Although there isn’t necessary just one set of rules set in stone when it comes to arranging area rugs on an open floor plan, there are certain ways to lay them out to create a perfect space.

Match Multiple Rugs

If you’re laying out a few area rugs, the easiest way to make sure that they can be coordinated is if they all match. This can help maintain some harmony while still splitting up a room for different functions. It’s classic, timeless, and is pretty much a fail-proof solution.

Use Two Area Rugs With Coordinating Colours

Another way to put your area rugs together in an open floor plan is to choose a couple of solid-hued rugs that are coordinated in colour. The easiest way to make this work is to make sure one of the rugs is neutral in colour. However, you can still make it work if both rugs colours are bold. Consider your colour scheme when choosing the colours for your contrasting area rugs.

Area Rugs on an Open Floor PlanUse One Solid Rug and One Patterned

You can play things up a bit by making one of the area rugs in the room patterned, while the other remains solid in colour. Ideally, the area rug that is solid in colour should have one color pulled from the patterned rug so that they work well together.

Choose Two Different Patterns of the Same Style

This is a bit more of a bold option, but it can really work. If you go this route, the patterns of each rug should be similar in colour scheme. To make sure this works well, consider choosing patterns in colours that are dominant, such as red, blue, or green, for instance.

Choose Two Different Patterns of Different Styles

If you want to be even more daring, you can go with two different area rugs that have both different patterns and different styles. In order to ensure that this tactic works well, make sure that the patterns complement each other, or else you could wind up with a big mess. At the very least, a couple of colours in each rug should match.

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