How to Expand a Small Space

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June 10, 2014

4 Easy Steps to Expand a Small Space.
With the right staging, small spaces can be transformed into practical useable spaces. Small spaces do not need to seem daunting to tackle, whether they be in a modest bungalow, a condo or a tiny room in a grande house small spaces can create a feeling of comfort for the buyer. You might even use a few tricks to help enlarge the space. All you need are a few tips and you can get working on visually expanding that small space.
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1. De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter
The first rule of selling a house is the D word: De-clutter. It is oh-so important when trying to sell a house, but it is absolutely crucial in a small space. Only the necessary decor and furniture should remain in a small space. Everything else needs to be stored, sold or given away. Not only do the magazines, mail and piles of endless clutter need to be sorted and put out of sight, but the years of accumulation need to sorted through as well. This will open the space and be more inviting to the buyer.
2. Keep it Light
When working with small spaces it is typically best to forgo or paint over dark paint. A lighter, fresher palette will help open and brighten up a room. Do not forget the furniture, If your furniture is very dark and can not be replaced try draping a light, neutral throw over the back and livening it up with some accent pillows. Changing the curtains to a sheer or lighter color will help expand the space by letting in more natural light. Another tip to brighten and open up a room is to add more lighting. Try placing a floor lamp in a corner behind a chair and have it shine up towards the ceiling.
3. Move Away From the Walls
An inexpensive way to create the illusion of space is to float furniture (move the furniture away from the walls). Having furniture up against the walls has the effect of making the room feel smaller. Make sure people have enough room to move around the room. The area rug should be a foot or two away from the wall as well. Also, if your rug is too big it can shrink the room and if it is too small it just seems out of place.
4. Keep it Odd
The room should have been pretty much cleared out after step 1. Now that you are bringing pieces back into the space try showing them off in odd numbers; 1 pillow on the sofa with 3 picture frames above or 1 plant on a table and 3 candlesticks.
In small spaces less is more. A few beautiful pieces will enhance the room without closing in the space.
A small space can seem challenging, but with a little effort and paint it can turn into the highlight of your home. Clearing out the space, lightening it up, floating furniture and decorating in odd numbers are some of the easiest and most economical ways to visually expand a small space.
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