How to design a small condominium

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February 5, 2014

think outside of the box in order to maximize the space

Hope Designs of Toronto Receives Best Of Houzz 2014 Award

Hope Designs of Toronto Receives Best Of Houzz 2014 Award

A condo may not offer a spacious floor plan, but having a smaller space does not mean that you have to sacrifice your style and comfort. With just a few simple tips and tricks Hope Designs can help you transform your condo into a warm, inviting, and comfortable space that you can certainly be proud to show off.
Condos don’t typically provide a lot of storage space, so you have to think outside of the box in order to maximize the space you do have in your closets and cabinets. Our team suggests adding a closet organizing system to your bedroom and hall closets. These systems usually combine shelving, racks, and sometimes even offer drawers that can help you organize your personal items, while keeping them easily accessible.
Use shelves in your cabinets to safely and easily stack such items as toiletries, dishes, and glasses.
Make use of the space under your bed or sofa. We like using large, flat containers made specifically for these types of spaces because can hold shoes, extra clothing, blankets, photos, and more.
Brighten Up The Rooms
When choosing colours for your walls, stay away from darker colours that can make a room seem small and dim. Light, vivid colours on your wall and ceiling, as well as strategically placed lighting, can make even the smallest room seem larger and brighter. Colour consultations are our specialty!
Mirrors are also great to add to a small space. Mirrors help to catch the light and make small rooms appear bigger and those in beautiful frames can also double as art.
Dark and bulky curtains have a way of making a room look small and dark. Blinds, sheers, light fabrics, and light colours provide privacy while also helping to make the room look brighter.
The wrong furniture can make a small space seem even smaller and more confined. Stay away from overstuffed sofas and chairs and don’t try to put too many pieces into one room. Simplify your living room with furniture that fits that space, yet still allows for maximum seating. Try adding a sofa and two arm-less chairs instead of two sofas. And do away with a larger coffee table and instead opt for a smaller coffee table or two smaller side tables.
Instead of buying a large TV cabinet or console, consider mounting your TV to the wall to maximize floor space.
A queen-sized bed in the bedroom offers enough space for two people. But if you live alone, you may want to consider a smaller bed, such as a full, twin, or even a beautifully decorated daybed.
Opt For An Island
While you may think that a kitchen table is a must, especially if you enjoy entertaining, it isn’t actually necessary. Instead, our team suggests that you consider utilizing a kitchen island. An island offers extra prep space, can be used for serving when guests are over, provides more cabinet space for larger countertop appliances, and can even be used as a table when combined with stools.
Wall shelves are a great way to help you display your favourite photos, books, knickknacks, small kitchen tools, and more while also helping to keep your room looking less cluttered.
Interior Decorating Firms
When it doubt, let the professionals help make your small space a stylish paradise. Contact Hope Designs to transform your condo into your dream space.