How to create a spa like bathroom

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February 4, 2014

How to create a spa like bathroom
Etobicoke bathroom renovated Hope Designs 570x570
One of our most frequently asked questions during an Interior Decorating consultation is “How do I make my bathroom feel like a spa?”
Here are our recommendations and suggestions for creating the bathroom of your dreams:
Consider installing one of 2014’s hottest new design trends a free standing bathtub (check out our latest blog on free standing bathtubs).
To create a  decadent retreat have your contractor install radiant flooring this is the ultimate in decadence. Wikipedia radiant flooring.
Opt for a glass shower inclosure-no more wet and moldy shower curtains.
The latest flooring trends for bathrooms are over-sized tiles, mosaic tiles, rectangular tiles, large floor tiles with glass inlay for added drama and of course subway tiles are always trendy. Materials vary from natural stone to traditional ceramic.
Add drama and flare by featuring an accent wall. Either use  an accent colour or possibly wallpaper on one wall.
Wallpaper is one way to highlight the height and dimensions of your luxury spa.
To create this feeling of space use a wallpaper with a texture i.e. grass-cloth or something with a subtle pattern, perhaps a stripe.
Create that spa feeling with luxurious spa style towels.
For a personalized touch incorporate baskets, greenery and decor items throughout the space.
Add artwork to key walls in bathroom. i.e. a large piece of metal artwork above the tub.
Add shelving, wall storage and or shelving unit to create additional storage if necessary.
Purchase a free standing chrome heated towel rack, when you step out of your new free standing tub out onto your heated floor and wrap yourself in a preheated bath sheet now that’s decadence!
Add candles and decor items such as glass jars filled with bath salts to create ambiance, interest and appeal throughout the space.
Purchase a wooden bench so that you can sit and relax while toweling off, drying your hair etc.
Use textured bath mats with plenty of cushion that will absorb excess moisture.
To create the zen or spa like vibe we always go for monochromatic colour schemes in a bathroom. Hope Designs recommends the Candice Olson’s collection by Benjamin Moore Paints:  pale blue, sky blue or light green as accent colours
Hope Designs recommends Candice Olson’s Five Favourite Benjamin Moore Neutrals
nimbus gray
, gray mirage
pale oak (OC-20)
, niveous 
 and cloud white
To Create instant ambiance have your contractor install dimmer switches for all lighting. Adjusting the lighting can dramatically alter the mood.
Install chrome wall  sconces on either side of the mirror we suggest you align them with the centre of the mirror. Positioning sconces on either side of a mirror is much more favourable  than mounting a single sconce above. This alleviates shadows while applying makeup etc.
Treat yourself to luxurious soaps, lotions and shampoos. Keep them in gorgeous glass containers and covered apothecary jars with lids.  Look for stunning packaging that will compliment the bathroom’s decor and add to that spa like feel.
Hope Designs can assist you with sourcing and personal shopping required for spa like furniture,  light fixtures, flooring options, paint colours, towels, artwork etc.
In addition we can offer assistance with, finish selections and project management.
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Hope Designs recommends Candace Olson's colours by Benjamin Moore paints

Hope Designs recommends Candace Olson’s colours by Benjamin Moore paints

nimbus gray
As dense as the cloud for which it’s named, this cool mid-tone blue-grey evokes memories of an early winter walk on a deserted wind-swept beach.
gray mirage
 Inspiring relaxation and calm, understated grey mirage taps a soft grey undertone to create a sense of serenity in a bedroom or bath.
pale oak (OC-20)
 Reminiscent of the majestic white oak, this beautiful neutral is graceful and elegant, conveying a sense of style and quiet restraint.
 Sheer and sophisticated, this pale off-white with just a hint of colour evokes shadows reflecting on fresh fallen snow.

cloud white
 Lightweight and luminous, this subtle, sophisticated shade of soft white is reminiscent of vapour clouds on a clear day.

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Etobicoke bathroom renovated Hope Designs two 570x570
Hope Designs glass shower enclosure with marble tile 570x570