How to Arrange Decorative Throw Pillows on Your Bed

November 22, 2021

Your bedspread is a fundamental element of your bed’s design, but the pillows you place on top make a world of difference. The thing is, how exactly should they be arranged?

Here are a few different looks to consider when placing your decorative pillows on your bed.

Full Look

If you love the look of tons of throw pillows on your bed and arranged methodically so they don’t look messy, then the full look is for you. This look is best if your headboard is on the taller side in order for it to accommodate the fullness.

To accomplish this look, arrange your pillows so that you’ve got two full sleeping bed pillows in the back row against the headboard, then two oversized shams in the row in front. Next, arrange two more standard-sized shams in the next row and two lumbar pillows in the front to top it off.

Minimalist Look

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the minimalist look. This is for those who love the look of decorative pillows on their beds, but don’t want to overwhelm the space.

To achieve this look, start with two bed pillows against your headboard in the back. Then, add a couple of standard shams in the next row, and a standard pillow to finish off the look. You can play around with the size of the pillows to suit your bed and headboard.

Workable Look

It can be a bit of a hassle to get yourself ready for bed when it’s covered in a pile of decorative pillows. To streamline the process, consider a more practical look when arranging throw pillows.

The formula for this particular look involves adding four sleeping pillows piled as they would when getting into bed, followed by two smaller pillows in front, and one decorative pillow to top it off. Not only does this look pretty from the front, but also from the side angle, too.

Classic Look

If you prefer to keep things classic, consider this arrangement: start with two sleeping bed pillows against the headboard, followed by two 26-inch pillows. Add another layer of 20-inch pillows, then finish off the look with a single smaller pillow placed in the centre.

You can’t go wrong with this arrangement.

Don’t underestimate your bedroom when it comes to interior design. This room might not be out on full display for all your guests to see, but it should still be esthetically pleasing to you considering how much time you spend in here!

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