How to Add True French Style to Your Toronto Decor

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December 7, 2015

How to Add True French Style to Your Toronto Decor
We’ve all seen homes that try their best to mimic real French Style, but many of them miss the mark just by a hair. Too much whitewashing and antique-looking accessories may be what we think is true French style, but it goes way beyond that.
Authentic French design might be a bit tricky to nail, considering the fact that each region in France has its own unique style, with various colours and decorative materials that are used. Regardless, there are definitely some common traits among each region in the country, and may not necessarily be exactly what you would have thought to be authentically French.
Everything in Moderation
Many homeowners might associate French Style with excessive decor and colour palettes, but nothing could be further from the truth. In actual fact, moderation is key to achieving a real French look. Forget about over-the-top decor; instead, moderation is the hub of French style.
It’s got to look effortless, regardless of what room you are decorating. Simple colours and a handful of strategically placed accessories are all that’s needed to achieve a real French look.
Keep Things in Harmony
Tying into the idea that French style is all about the opulent and the luxurious, this couldn’t be more of a myth. In fact, the authentic way to go about things is to get high-quality items and materials that don’t necessarily look like they cost an arm and a leg.
Think weathered woods and antique stone instead of shining mahogany or glimmering marble. Of course, the latter items are fine, but only very little. You don’t want anything in your space that screams for attention. Instead, you want things that are practical, functional, and sophisticated all in one.
Use Neutrals to Offset Stark Whites
Many believe that to walk into a French home means to be surrounded in all white. From the furniture, to the walls, to the accessories, everything is white. Or so it’s believed.
Instead, real French Style incorporates a lot more neutrals aside from white that are subtle yet have a hint of hue – gray, beige, light blue, brown, taupe and sage make up the majority of true French interiors. But bold colour can also be used; just in a simple manner so as to not overwhelm the senses.

French Style image by Hope Designs Eiffiel Paris IMG_2459 814x814 blog Toronto Home Stager by Hope Designs

French Style image by Hope Designs Eiffiel Paris IMG_2459 814×814 blog Toronto Home Staging by Hope Designs

Don’t Get Too Caught Up in Proper Order
It doesn’t all have to be about perfect symmetry, crisp lines, or spotless finishes. There’s more wiggle room than you may think. There are certain eclectic elements that are embraced by French style, most of which are derived from various cultural influences. But using a limited colour palette helps to tie everything together harmoniously.
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