How (and Why) to “Float” Your Furniture in Your Living Room

April 3, 2019

Float Your FurnitureIt might sound like an oxymoron, but having a lot of space in a living room can actually be problematic when it comes to furniture placement. While many homeowners struggle to deal with their minimal amount of square footage in their home and fit everything they want in their space, others have too much space to work with.

One crafty solution when it comes to outfitting and arranging a large living room is to “float” your furniture.

What does that even mean? Quite simply, it just refers to bringing chairs and sofas off the wall and arranging them in such a way so that they don’t touch any wall. Instead, there’s space between the walls of the room and the actual sofas.

Many homeowners instinctually place their sofas right up against the walls in the living room. And while that works in many cases, it might not be the optimal solution in all rooms, especially large ones with awkward shapes.

Why “Float” Your Sofa?

Abutting your sofa right up against your living room wall can be a great way to create a seating area, but it can also leave plenty of space left unutilized in a large room. Basically, the remaining space is sort of wasted.

Your couch may be perfectly positioned against the wall to create a lovely little nook, but all other space in the rest of the room can make all other pieces seem like they’re out of place.

What are you supposed to do with all of that empty space left behind? The result is often a room that’s somewhat off-balance and even impractical to some degree.

Instead, if you float your sofa in the centre of your spacious living room instead of using it up against the wall, you can create more balance to the room. This tactic can also help to create a focal point or designate specific areas in a room.

Further, if you want to make the room seem more formal, you can elevate the sophisticated nature of the room by floating your furniture, creating a space that’s specifically designated for relaxing and gathering.

Using this tactic of arranging your living room furniture can also help to foster much better flow in the room. Not only will you be cutting down on unusable space, but you’ll also be able to improve the flow of the room naturally.

You’ll even be able to fit more items in the room. For instance, by opening wall space that otherwise would have been taken up by your sofa, you can use it for a bookcase or armoire.

If you’re not quite sure how to arrange your furniture so that it “floats” properly in your living space, call the professionals for some expert advice. At Hope Designs, we can help arrange your living room furniture to make it much more stylish and cozy.

And if you’re planning to sell, proper furniture arrangement can make a big difference in the look of your home and will be more likely to impress buyers.

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