BlogTO Featured Condo of the Week staged by Hope Designs Toronto’s Award Winning Home Staging Company

March 3, 2018

BlogTO recently Featured Article “Condo of the Week” staged by Hope Designs Hope Designs Toronto’s Award Winning Home Staging Company. Lori Howard and her team at Hope Designs are well-known for staging properties to appeal to the masses, and their project at 11 Charlotte St. is no different.

home staging

Sure, this particular condo already has a lot going for it. It’s got a walkability score of 100, which means just about every amenity and source of entertainment you can think of can be quickly and easily accessed by a short stroll. It’s got floor-to-ceiling windows and sweeping city views. There’s ample space in the living area and kitchen. Truly, this condo already comes with a great foundation.

But in a market that’s saturated with amazing condos and hungry buyers, it’s well worth it to take the steps to present properties in the best light possible to attract prospective buyers in the area. And Hope Designs was the firm chosen to professionally stage this particular condo to achieve desirable results.

The industrial style of this condo – thanks to features like the unfinished concrete ceiling – is somewhat of a mainstay these days given its popularity among young and modern buyers. But even those who aren’t necessarily fond of this type of look will certainly be able to get over it thanks to the spacious kitchen, large balcony with incredible views, and amazing location.

Hope Designs managed to update this condo with contemporary furnishings, cowhide area rugs, wrought iron end tables, and modern wall art. Perhaps the biggest challenge the design firm faced was decorating and designing the master bedrooom, which is rather miniscule in size.

home staging

Lori and her team outfitted the space with an appropriately-sized bed to make sure the room didn’t seem overcrowded, which can make a room appear smaller than it actually is. By using furniture and accessories that complemented the room’s square footage, the team was able to make the space more attractive and visually larger in size.

The end result of the staging project was a success, helping the owners of this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo eventually sell for a whopping $969,000. Almost a million bucks for a condo is nothing to sneeze at, even if it is located in the heart of the city.
The project was so successful and noteworthy that the folks at featured the story on their highly-viewed website! It’s just another notch on Hope Designs’ list of accolades.

Once again, Hope Design has used their experience and skill-set to create a condo space that commanded a hefty sale price.