Hope Designs Proves That Home Staging in Toronto Works

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August 5, 2015

Hope Designs shows homeowners exactly why it pays to hire experts in home staging, and why you should consider home staging as well.
Take a home recently featured in Love it or List on HGTV, for instance. The home in question may have been located in great location, but the home itself was nothing to brag about. With all the other awesome properties on the block, this home in particular needed a good deal of TLC if any home buyer was going to pay any attention to it.
Lori Howard, founder and president of Hope Designs, vehemently encourages sellers to have there home staged, especially if there’s an aspect about the home that is literally dragging the listing down the tubes.
It could be a not-so-hot neighbourhood, outdated decor, or in need of some minor updates that need some attention in order to showcase the property to it’s full potential. Whatever the case may be, staging can effectively accentuate the best features in any home while downplaying some of the the negatives. Staging has the ability to show buyers that view a property on the MLS or in person just how awesome it really can be.
On this particular episode of Love it or List it, Lori and her team managed to turn an otherwise unattractive home into one that managed to attract enough attention to sell quickly.
Let’s backtrack a little. Before the home was staged by Lori and her team at Hope Designs, it was sitting on the market, already listed with barely any showings, and no offers.
Enough was enough, and the sellers finally took their agent’s advice and hired a company experienced in home staging in Toronto. That’s where Hope Designs came into the picture.
After putting her expertise to work and professionally staging the home, it almost immediately started getting showings booked, and eventually the offers came in. After sitting on the market for weeks without a bite, the home sold within days after being staged by Lori.
“It’s about identifying specific ways to highlight your home’s best features, and compensating for any flaws it might have,” says Lori about home staging. ”A well-staged home that shines can generate a lot of attention, and sell really quickly. This is true no matter what type of market you might be in.”
But staging isn’t just about throwing a few pieces of furniture in a room and hoping for the best. It’s about strategically placing pieces to maximize the space and improve its flow and functionality. It’s about using colours that appease to the masses of buyers. And ultimately, it’s about helping buyers easily see themselves living in that space.
Lori and her team at Hope Designs know what to takes to appeal to buyers, and managed to be successful yet again with this Toronto home featured on Love it or List it.
Selling your home? Get award-winning Hope Designs to stage you home for you!