Hope Designs Named Among BUILD 2018 Residential Top 50!

April 23, 2019

Wow – another amazing accolade for Hope Designs! This time it comes from none other than the well-renowned BUILD Magazine, who recently announced their annual Residential Top 50 awards.

And in 2018, among that top 50 included Hope Designs for Best Home Staging & Interior Decorating Company in the Greater Toronto Area!

We are so excited and appreciative of this award, which is a testament to our continued high level of service that we continue to provide to our clientele. With every project we undertake – whether it’s interior design or home staging – we put our heart and soul into them, and the results show.

The widely acclaimed Home Builder Awards 2018 strives to display appreciation to the innovative and state-of-the-art companies across the
residential sector, and Hope Designs has managed to put yet another accolade under our belt.

The recent BUILD 2018 Residential Top 50 award pays tribute to the impeccable work carried out over the last 12 months and shows gratitude to each discipline involved in the industry.

Who is “BUILD”?

BUILD is a monthly publication that is dedicated to bringing consumers the latest information in the residential building industry. Any latest and innovative information and trends happening in the world of property and construction can be found in this globally-circulated publication.

BUILD keeps up with the latest in residential construction, design, and real estate, and features news stories from the world’s most esteemed builders, designers, and real estate experts. Consumers gain tons of value from the publication.

That’s why receiving recognition from such an entity holds a lot of weight. And being considered and placed in the top 50 for residential design makes such an accolade a really big deal.

Hope Designs is thrilled to be recognized by BUILD as part of the prestigious Top 50, and we continuously strive to provide our valued customers with the highest quality design and staging services!