Hope Designs in the Media! An Interview With Local Toronto Newspaper TOWN CRIER

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February 11, 2015

Hope Designs is proud to spread their knowledge of the home staging field with home owners across Toronto, the GTA and all surrounding areas. Lori Howard, owner and principal of Hope Designs, is growing her resume of interviews both in print and on television thanks to her in-depth knowledge and skill in the field of home staging and interior decorating.
Hope Designs interviewed by Town Crier www.mytowncrier.ca image town_crier
Lori was recently interviewed by the Town Crier, a local community newspaper in Toronto. During the interview, Lori shared some insightful and professional tips on home staging, as well as how getting a home ready for sale through effective and strategic decorating methods can dramatically increase the selling price, as well as reduce the amount of time on the market.
“Buyers will tend to pay much more for a house that’s move-in ready than they will for a house that requires a lot of upkeep,” said Howard. “In other words, the more the seller can do to prep their house, the better they will do on the real estate market.”
Anything that the seller can do to clean and spruce up the home will make it not only look better in person, but in photos too. After all, photos are most likely the first way that home buyers see properties before visiting them.
“When you are selling, the big thing right now is how the home looks in photos, because the MLS listings become the biggest draw for people,” she said. “In the GTA the average list price is well over $800,000, so if you are trying to get that price your house needs to be presented in the best light, and often that means prepping the house.”
Unless people are looking specifically for a fixer-upper as a means of investment, home buyers are really looking for something move-in ready. They don’t want to be burdened with work after they move in.
Not only that, but any quirky or unique colours and styles should be neutralized before placing the home on the market. A neutral design will appeal to the masses, while bolder colours and patterns probably won’t.
“People are very judgmental if they see bright purple walls… that’s a turn off for people because all they see is work,” she said.
Hope Designs is a professional home staging and interior decorating company in Toronto, servicing all surrounding areas of the GTA. In addition to making expert suggestions on how to prep homes for sale, Lori also offers project management services to oversee the entire process. From the initial consultation through to the final product, Lori and her team at Hope Designs are there from start to finish.
The end result? A home that shows well, garners plenty of attention, and demands a higher sale price.
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