Hope Designs Interviewed on In Tune with Real Estate

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May 17, 2010

Press Release: In Tune with Real Estate – Monday May 17 2010
Providing York Region viewers with up to date information about today’s Real Estate Market. Hosted by Rav Toor featuring Lori Howard of Hope Designs and Susan Martin of Martin Designs. Discussing the importance of Staging in the Real Estate Market.
Our consultations are very reasonably priced. You will get tips and insights from our professionals in addition to our “ready to list” handbook. You never know, after meeting with our team you may decide to hire us after all!
Read about our consultation services here book a consultation today or give us a call at 416-557-7903
We look forward to working with you! The Hope Designs Team
Hope Designs Home Staging Toronto featured on In Tune with Real Estate 416-557-7903
Lori Howard of Hope Designs was Interviewed on Rogers TV-10 In Tune With Real Estate