This is What Homeowners Are Looking For in Kitchen Design

January 31, 2018

The kitchen is easily considered the hub of the home. It’s where everyone gathers to eat and socialize, and it’s often the focus of remodelling projects that homeowners take on.
But what exactly do homeowners want when it comes time to change their kitchen design?
Popular home improvement website Houzz set out to answer that question by polling over 1,7000 homeowners who were in the midst of a kitchen remodelling project. The goal was to identify what it is that they’re looking for in a kitchen layout, storage, and design styles. Their answers are setting the stage for what’s trending in kitchen design in 2018.
kitchen designLayout
Over the recent past, the U-shaped kitchen layout has been most popular. A U-shaped layout features three walls lined with cabinets and appliances and is a great way to open up floor space and maximize wall space. But as popular as this layout has been, this year there’s another layout that’s trending for kitchen design: L-shaped layouts.
This type of layout is particularly useful in smaller spaces that can’t accommodate a peninsula or island.
The least popular kitchen layout is the G-shaped layout, which resembles a U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula added at one end of the “U”.
According to a Houzz poll of things homeowners are looking at kitchen design projects, storage was right up there. Functionality of the kitchen space is important to homeowners, and storage plays a key role. Those polled claimed that functional storage was almost as important as the style itself. About two-thirds of the homeowners surveyed expressed the need for having a kitchen that makes it easy to find and store things.
kitchen designIn particular, homeowners like the idea of having a kitchen that’s got enough space for two people to cook in. They also appreciate built-in storage, making it easier to arrange their cookware, dishware, glassware, and cutlery.
Further, homeowners also paid closer attention to their waste and recycling areas, with 67% of homeowners looking to add a pullout waste and/or recycling cabinets.
Of course, style is always going to be a priority for homeowners looking to make some changes to their kitchens. Among the homeowners who took part in Houzz’s survey, about 60% said that style was the number one factor in their kitchen design. Among those polled, almost half said that integrating the kitchen’s style with the rest of the home was a priority.
Among all the kitchen styles out there, transitional style was the most popular, closely followed by contemporary and farmhouse. A couple of years ago, traditional sat on the number 3 spot, so it’s certainly gained in popularity over the recent past.

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