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Loft Staging: Preparing Your Unit For Sale

If you are looking to sell your loft in a short amount of time, and for top dollar, then loft staging is an absolute must. The art of staging essentially involves furnishing and decorating your space to make it appear as attractive as possible to buyers.

The art of loft staging basically comes down to establishing an emotional connection with the buyer. Only when this connection is generated will a buyer typically consider putting in an offer. By helping buyers fall in love with your home through loft staging, you can shrink the time frame between listing and closing. Not only that, but you can also effectively command more money for your loft compared to those which have not been professionally staged.

It’s a fact: homes that are staged by professionals are able to sell faster, and are capable of drawing in higher offers compared to those that have not received this kind of attention. Loft staging comes down to creating a lifestyle in a space and selling that lifestyle to buyers who are looking in your area.
loft staging

Loft Staging: Attracting the Right Group of Buyers

Loft staging is all about pleasing the buyers, rather than pleasing the homeowner. The loft staging expert will make a number of recommendations and suggestions about how the unit should ideally be furnished and decorated. Even if the homeowner doesn’t necessarily like the styles that the Toronto Home Stager is suggesting, it is still necessary to create an interior that buyers in the area will like.

That’s why it’s important for sellers to detach themselves from their homes as much as possible. This will help them be much more objective. Loft staging is not about decorating a home to the seller’s tastes. Instead, it’s about decorating a home that the masses of buyers looking in that particular neighbourhood are attracted to.

The job of the loft staging expert is multi-faceted, but among the more important tasks is identifying the type of buyer that is looking in the area. Whether it’s young families with children, baby boomers, retirees, or young urban professionals, each type of demographic will have their own style, tastes, and needs. Loft staging professionals will find out exactly who the target buyers are, and what they want in a home.

At the end of the day, buyers need to be able to see themselves living in the units. They need to see exactly how space can work for them, and how it can fit their lifestyles. And that’s exactly what loft staging experts do: they are selling a lifestyle. The closer that lifestyle matches that of the buyer, the better the odds of offers pouring in quickly, and for a lot more money.


Loft Staging: Helping Buyers Visualize How They Can Use a Space

Whether your loft is vacant or is already furnished but not in an optimal way, loft staging can be extremely helpful. Buyers are known to have difficulty seeing how a unit can be used when it is not presented accordingly. If the unit is vacant, they won’t be able to envision how furniture can be arranged, or even what the spaces can be used for.

Vacant spaces will do nothing more than highlight the flaws in the space, and fail to showcase the good points of the home. Even flaws that are seemingly small can be magnified if they are not camouflaged appropriately with proper arrangement of furniture and smart use of colours and accessories.

If your loft is currently furnished and decorated, but the pieces being used in the space are not showcasing your home in the best light, you will miss out on the opportunity to impress your buyers, and therefore capitalize on a sale. Loft staging effectively uses furniture arrangement to show how space can be used, and how the flow of the unit can be optimized for strategic placement of furniture pieces. The use of neutral colours can help appeal to more buyers, as opposed to more quirky colours that won’t necessarily do the same.

Loft staging experts will decorate with only a certain number of accessories so as to beautify a space without cluttering it. Too many artifacts will only confuse buyers and will make the unit seem awkward. That’s why it’s not only important to get rid of any clutter, it’s also important to scale back on the number of accessories, collections, and family photos and mementos. Doing so will increase the likelihood that buyers will be able to see themselves living there, and calling it home. It’s this specific feeling that will entice them to put in an offer. At Hope Designs, we have extensive experience in the world of loft staging and have helped a plethora of clients furnish and decorate their homes to attract as many buyers as possible. Thanks to our creative touch, our clients have been successful at commanding a higher dollar figure, and selling in a short amount of time!

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