Home Staging in Thornhill

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December 20, 2014

The ethnically diverse suburban neighbourhood of Thornhill is both a historically-relevant area north of the city of Toronto, as well as an area growing in new homes and commercial buildings. It’s a highly sought-after place for home buyers, as Thornhill offers plenty of newer construction while still being a part of the rich GTA.
village of Thornhill circa 1784 photograph of street sign posted by Hope Designs
If you are planning on moving in or within the Thornhill area, and will be placing your property up for sale in the near future, it’s important to get your home ready for the market, and for presentation to prospective buyers. One important factor involved in such preparation is home staging in Thornhill.
Why Should You Consider Thornhill Home Staging?
Here are four big reasons why your realtor will recommend the assistance of home stagers in Thornhill to prep your home for the market:
1 – Home staging significantly improves the marketability of your home, giving your MLS pictures much more appeal and enticement. When buyers step through your front door, they are much more likely to continue the tour and even place a solid offer on the property if the home shows well and leaves a positive memorable impression.
2 – Approximately 90% of home buyers in Canada use the internet to scope out listings in their area of choice. For this reason, it’s crucial that sellers have the strongest, most impressive photos of the home possible. Many buyers will simply gloss over photos of homes that are not visually appealing. More leads are definitely more possible if the home is well-represented with fabulous photos thanks to home stagers in Thornhill.
3 – Any issues with the property can be dealt with right away before the first buyer walks in the door, including any unattractive decor, foul smells, or noticeable flaws that need repairing. Thornhill home staging companies encourage home sellers to ensure their home is appealing to the greatest number of buyers, making it more likely to get an offer in a shorter period of time.
4 – The competition can be fierce, especially in a hot market. Not taking the time and effort to properly stage your home is somewhat like surrendering to the competition, especially if other homes in the neighbourhood are making good use of Thornhill home stagers. Whatever the cost ends up being for such services, it ends up being recouped and more, thanks to the much less likelihood of price reductions, and the potential for selling the home for a higher price.
Hope Designs – Thornhill’s First Choice For Home Staging
Before you put that “For Sale” sign up on your front lawn, make sure you call the experts in home staging in Thornhill – Hope Designs. We have been prepping homes for sale in the Thornhill and surrounding areas for years, helping our clients achieve their goals when selling their properties. Our clients have consistently been able to sell their homes in a shorter time frame than homes that are not properly staged, and are able to command a higher selling price. Make the home selling process easier for you by using our professional home staging services! Visit HopeDesigns.ca today!