Home Staging: It’s All About the Buyers

August 29, 2019
home staging

It’s a common mistake – homeowners who plan to sell their home may decide to call upon the experts in home staging, but may expect the home to be decorated in their tastes.

Stagers can help them get their homes ready for the masses of buyers out there looking for a new place to call theirs, but what sellers may fail to realize is that home staging shouldn’t appeal to their tastes. Instead, it’s all about appeasing buyers.

What you like or dislike really doesn’t matter when it comes to home staging and finding a willing buyer. While that might sound harsh, it’s important to think about the endgame and the result: finding a buyer quickly who will offer you a handsome price for your home. And if that means furnishing and decorating your home that matches the tastes and needs of buyers in the area rather than your own, so be it.

Think about it this way: once you place your home up for sale, it’s only a matter of time before the place is no longer yours, but someone else’s. And it’s those people that you should be trying to impress with your home staging efforts.

Don’t confuse home staging with interior design or decoration. While the latter may be all about creating a space that appeals to you and serves your lifestyle well, the former should keep buyers in mind, not the homeowner.

Home Staging – Prepping Your Home For Buyers

The goal of a professional home stager is to highlight the positive features of your home while downplaying any flaws to help boost the odds of finding a willing buyer. There are plenty of things that go into an effective home staging plan, including:

  • Neutralizing colours while keeping things interesting
  • Depersonalizing an interior
  • Adding new furniture or rearranging pieces that are already there
  • Removing clutter
  • Minimizing knick knacks for a cleaner space
  • Maximizing flow

At the end of the day, the job of a professional home stager is to create a lifestyle for buyers who are looking in your area. Once they walk into a home that meets all their needs and matches their tastes, they’ll be a lot more willing to pounce on it and put in an attractive offer sooner rather than later.

Whether or not you like the way your stager has prepared your home shouldn’t really matter, as long as your buyers appreciate the space. It’s important for sellers to try to remove themselves emotionally from their homes in order to make sure that the way their space is decked out is exactly what buyers want. That’s how a successful real estate transaction is done!

Need Help Staging Your Home?

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