Home Staging Blunders That Can Botch Your Sale

July 9, 2018

The entire premise behind home staging is to showcase your home in the best light to buyers in an effort to sell for more and in a shorter period of time. Given all the effort and capital needed to effectively stage your home, you want to make sure your efforts are worthwhile. Unfortunately, many sellers make some big mistakes when they stage their home and wind up doing nothing to attract the masses of buyers out there.

If you want to make the most of your staging efforts, be sure to avoid the following home staging blunders.

Using Too Much Beige

While it’s true that home staging involves some degree of neutralizing decor and colours, it’s still possible to make your home appear far too boring. When it comes to neutral colours, beige tends to be the first hue that people may think of, but it’s being used far less in home staging projects these days.

Instead, there are plenty of other neutral tones that can be used that neutralize a space but still add some level of visual interest. Rather than opting for beige, use greys, blues, and even “griege” (a combo of both beige and grey).

Leaving Personal Photos Out

There are many elements of a home that can be distracting to buyers, and personal photographs are one of them. The idea behind home staging is that you want buyers to feel as though the home can be theirs. Buyers need to be able to easily picture themselves calling the place their own, and all those family pics will stand in the way of that. When staging your home, be sure to put the family photos away and packed up to be shipped to your new home.

Minimizing Furniture and Decor Too Much

Many sellers try to modernize their homes to attract buyers, but in so doing, they over-simplify their decor. While a minimalist approach is attractive to many, it’s possible to go too minimal, especially for novice home stagers. With not enough furniture or lack of warm touches, the space can feel cold and unwelcoming and will do little to appeal to buyers.

Designing For You Instead of Buyers

One thing that sellers need to understand is that home staging is nothing like interior designing, and the biggest difference between the two is the who the home is being designed for. While interior design is meant to appease the tastes of the homeowner, staging is all about the buyer.

If you’re decorating your home based on what you like without considering what buyers are looking for, you could be wasting your efforts. Instead, you should find out what buyers in the area are looking for in a home to purchase and give them what they want instead of decorating and furnishing according to your own tastes.

Get Your Home Staging Right With Hope Designs

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