Home Decorating Ideas: How to Lighten and Brighten Your Main Floor

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September 6, 2016

Nobody enjoys hanging out in a dark and dingy room. It feels cold and unwelcoming. Instead, a bright and airy space is something you can easily find comfort in. If your main floor is currently lacking light, here are some home decorating ideas you may want to try out.

Home Decorating TorontoHome Decorating Ideas: Brighten the Ceiling With Recessed Lighting

If your main floor has a dark ceiling, or even wood panelling, it may give the room a dramatic and sophisticated look but it can also feel too dark at the same time. To counter this issue install recessed lighting to brighten up the ceiling without being overwhelming on the eye. You may also want to install a dimmer switch to add some flexibility and control to the amount of light in the space.
Home Decorating Ideas: Paint Your Ceiling White
If you’d rather not go through the trouble of installing recessed lighting, consider painting the ceiling white. This will brighten up the area right away and give it a fresh updated vibe.
Home Decorating Ideas: Mix Up Colour Neutrals and White
You don’t necessarily have to go all white in order to brighten up the space. Great home decorating ideas for brightening up main floors can include mixing and matching neutrals such as light greys, bluey / grey hues, light beiges and so forth. These colours are highly versatile for any space and element within them including walls, floors, furniture, counters and accessories.
Home Interior DecoratingHome Decorating Ideas: Add Light Window Treatments
The windows you have need to be used to their maximum in order to let in as much natural light as possible. While you definitely need some privacy when coming up with home decorating ideas for your windows, you also don’t want to block out all that precious light. Avoid heavy drapes that block natural light and go with blinds and shades that don’t take up too much space on the wall.
Home Decorating Ideas: Keep Furniture to a Minimum
Heavy, bulky furniture can overwhelm a space, and make it feel a bit on the dark side. Switch these oversized pieces with those that feature smooth, sleek and lines. Make sure they are lightly coloured rather than including too many dramatic, dark prints which can also make a room feel too dark.
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