Why Hire an Interior Designer Before Starting a Bathroom Renovation

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January 5, 2017

Doing a bathroom renovation without first consulting with a professional interior designer can not only be a missed opportunity to maximize results, it can also turn out to be a disaster. If you talk to anyone who’s done a bathroom remodelling job in their home without the assistance of a designer, they’ll likely tell you that they wish they had hired one before getting started.
Don’t make that same mistake, and make sure to get a professional Toronto interior design team in your corner before you get started on a bathroom renovation. Here are just a handful of reasons why.
1. You’ll get their expertise and knowledge of the bathroom renovation design process.
Bathroom RenovationA contractor may be able to do the physical work of installing your vanity, sink, faucet, tiles, and light fixtures, but there needs to be some form of design strategy before any of that work can take place. You can’t just randomly install pieces blindly without having a cohesive plan of attack that incorporates all the elements that you want included.
An interior designer will interpret your specific needs and come up with a workable plan for your bathroom renovation project. Your designer can also provide you with many other resources to ensure the entire process is a seamless one.
2. They’ll be there to verify that all is going according to plan.
Interior designers essentially play the role of advocate for their clients. If you encounter any issues with contractors or certain components of your bathroom renovation, your designer can help you verify that the proper job is being carried out as per plan. It can be a challenge for you to know where certain responsibilities lie.
Things can be easily overlooked early on in the process which can have a negative impact on the rest of the stages of the project. An interior designer who sticks around for the project management phase can ensure that every stage of the project goes as planned. If a problem arises, they can help you verify who’s tasked with the responsibility for rectifying it.
3. A designer will translate your requirements and tastes into a functional plan.
Bathroom RenovationInterior designers are highly trained and experienced at turning drab spaces into beautiful, functional ones. They are able to use their abilities and creativity to take rough drawings and see the potential final product, even though the average client may not be able to visualize what the space will look like after it’s done.
In addition, they always have their finger on the pulse of new trends in bathroom design that you may interested in implementing into your space. In order to create a bathroom that will have long-lasting appeal and add value to your home, you need an interior designer.
4. You’ll save time and money.
Unless you are an interior designer yourself, you likely have no idea how certain structural selections can affect the mechanics of the job or the installation of various components, You probably also don’t have a clue about which specific materials are best for the project you are completing.
A trained, experienced interior designer will have this knowledge at the forefront and will be able to apply it properly to your bathroom renovation. New technologies, techniques, materials, and designs are always coming about that can be more cost-effective and even encourage a more energy-efficient space. This can save you a lot of money once the project is done. Trying to do all this work yourself could mean a lot of wasted time researching, not to mention potential delays when mistakes are made.
Don’t take a chance on your bathroom renovation – call the experts in interior design at Hope Designs today!