Why Hire an Interior Designer Before You Start Your Kitchen?

December 29, 2016

Kitchen contractors are the people that you need to be calling when it comes time to remodel this important space in your home, but an interior designer is also an essential piece to the puzzle. Why hire an interior designer? Because these professionals will work out ideal room size, lighting, functionality, traffic flow, and colours for your space.

Why Hire an Interior Designer? To Save You Time and Headaches

Why Hire an Interior DesignerA good interior designer will save you a ton of time hunting down product samples and doing other legwork and homework, and help you avoid some potential mistakes. Not only that, the designer will help you do everything from listening to your ideas to being a part of more involved work, such as buying paint and fabric, scheduling installations, and even acting as a project manager for the job.
Your kitchen contractor and interior designer must work together very closely. Ideally, the designer you work with should have experience with kitchen remodels in order to make the process go very smoothly. The two parties will need to coordinate with each other, especially when it comes to scheduling specific jobs to be done.
The interior designer’s job is to make the kitchen remodelling job easier by expediting your decisions and making sure the contractor is kept informed in a clear, concise, and timely manner. While the contractor may be able to provide stellar craftsmanship, your interior designer will be able to help tie in all the colours, materials, and layout of things such as an island and appliances to ensure it meets both your tastes and your needs.
Bring Your Interior Designer on Board Early On
Why Hire an Interior DesignerIdeally, you should be communicating with an interior designer before you even start the kitchen remodelling job. Your designer will be able to gather all the information needed to determine what you need and want, and take any of your ideas into consideration. Armed with such information, your designer can then draft up a design that accommodates everything that you’ve discussed to ensure all the components will be included.
Once you’ve got a general idea down on paper, this can be communicated to your kitchen contractor. The two professionals can then work with each other to ensure the final product is precisely what you are looking for.
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