Help! I Want to Hire an Interior Decorator. What next?

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February 22, 2014

You’ve done your research, thought it through, and you’ve decided that you need an interior decorator. Good for you! You said “Help! I Want to Hire an Interior Decorator” and now you’re one of millions of people out there who are going to find all the benefits of working with one to improve your home. What next? One thing to do is think through HOW to best work with an interior decorator. Here are some general suggestions on entering into a relationship with an interior decorator.
1. Be Openminded
Whether you’re decorating on a budget or not, one piece of advice can often be to keep an open mind when decorating. For example, if you are on a budget, you might be amazed what decorators in Toronto or any city can do on a budget. What decorators are good at doing is working within constraints and pleasing people who those constraints. So if you enter into your decorating project with a certain budget, keep an open mind. Sometimes decorators find that less money can actually be a pleasurable shopping experience, allowing them to get creative and ultimately, surprising the homeowner with an amazingly well designed home.
2. Look at the Whole Picture
Sometimes pictures do not do justice to a scene, a room, or a house. So many times what a decorator is able to do is set a room and a house in the setting that they happen to be in. It’s called context, and that is something that is sometimes lost in a photo. When you arrive in a home, there is an environment that may be perfect for certain decorating options and choices. For example, you may see a photo of a room that has been decorated with certain shades of gray and blue that you may not find appealing. You may start out adamantly against the direction things are going. Then you go there. You find that outside the windows of that room are beautiful trees and fields that perfectly complement the colours. There is an entire landscape that was being taken into account when choosing those colours. That is what decorators can do and can ultimately make a huge difference in the design of your home.
3. Be Open to Surprises
You may have everything mapped out in your mind. You may have plenty of photos that outline all kinds of looks that you are going for. That is great. But be open to a designer who has years of experience pleasing customers. The designer may give you 90% of what you want, but with the 10%, they may do something you weren’t expecting. They may do something that sounds a little out of the box at first. They may have a rug or a ceiling fixture that is totally not what you had in mind. But often home decorators have very specific reasons for doing what they do. We have a knack for these things. So be open to a surprise and be prepared to open yourself up to things you had not thought of before. It will prepare yourself for a very positive and worthwhile relationship with your new interior decorator.
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