How to Find the Right Home Stager in Toronto

June 27, 2016

You’ve made the decision to have your home professionally staged before listing it for sale. Great!, while that’s the right decision to make, it’s not the only one you have to make. Although you are wise to want to stage your home in order to make sure it sells quickly and for top dollar, you also want to make sure that you hire the right Home Stager in Toronto. The selection you make can make all the difference in the final turnout and how well it will attract buyers in your neighbourhood.
Here are some tips to help you determine how to chose the right Home Stager in Toronto.

Choose the right Home Stager in Toronto: The Cost Will Be Reflected in the Outcome

Right Home Stager in Toronto
Home staging in Toronto is essentially an investment. You’re not decorating your home to suit your taste; instead, you’re spending money on a service that is will ensure that money is made in the end. To find out if you’re working with the right home staging company in Toronto, determine what their track record is like. How much did homes that they staged in the past sell for? Did they go for over asking price? Was the Real Estate Agent able to list the house for more after it was staged? How long did they stay on the market relative to how long others homes took to sell? The answers to these questions will tell you if you’re working with a reputable home stager.

The right Home Stager in Toronto: They Have Accolades Behind Them

The right Home Stager in Toronto will ideally have won some awards in the past, or have been recognized or featured in the location they work in. Look for Toronto home stagers who are featured on reputable home decor sites like Houzz or have even been interviewed by local media. Look for any awards that they may have won from recognized associations. If the home stager you’re considering has traits like these, you’ve likely found yourself a winner.

The right Home Stager in Toronto: They Have Practical Experience

Right Home Stager in Toronto
While it’s important that the Home Stager in Toronto that you are considering has all the necessary training and accreditations, it’s simply not enough. What you want is someone who is educated, but also has plenty of hands-on, practical experience in the field. How many homes have they staged in your area? Do they know what buyers in your neighbourhood are looking for? Are they capable of making your home stand out from the rest? Past listings that they have worked on will give you the answers to these questions.
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