Find Your Design Style

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May 3, 2014

Are you looking to find your design style?
Before embarking on an interior decorating project, it’s important to determine what style to choose first. There are plenty to choose from, each offering their own unique traits and decor elements. Consider your tastes, the style that might look best in your space, and what style you’ll feel most comfortable with. Although new styles are created all the time, the following are some of the basic interior decorating styles that you should understand before you start revamping your interior:
A modern interior decorating style involves clean lines and a clear focus on function without the overuse of accessories or other elements that are commonly seen in other styles. When well-planned out, a modern design can create a sense of simplicity and calmness to a space. Such a style is ideal for small homes and apartments as it maximizes space and creates the illusion of more square footage. Neutral colours with a bold accent colour, asymmetrical balance, geometric patterns and minimal textures are all key traits of a modern style.
Classic design focuses on symmetry, balance and order, with a primary element being the use of a primary focal point around which visual balance is achieved. For example, a fireplace could act as the focal point in a room, with matching armchairs placed on either side. The colours used to decorate the room are generally inspired by nature, such as yellows, reds, oranges, greens and browns. Elegant fabrics are often used to create a classical style, including canvas, cotton and velvet, without being overly attention-grabbing.
Country style gives a home a resemblance of a cottage, with the environment being cozy and comfortable. Since there are a number of culturally different country style designs out there, it’s important to take into consideration the distinct characteristics of each. For example, various country styles include English country, French country, Italian country, or American country. Generally speaking, country style usually incorporates natural and floral prints used in conjunction with other patterns, such as stripes and plaids. Rough finishes on materials, such as flooring and furniture, are typical with country style.
Art Deco
The glamorous and elegant art deco design style was introduced after WWI as an opportunity for home owners to embrace a new and exciting style for a new era. Though very modern and sleek for that time, it still allowed a great deal of comfort. Art deco is streamlined in design, with the heavy use of lacquered wood and industrial metals in furnishings. Although colours are used sparingly, they still provide a bold look thanks to the heavy use of black as either the main or background colour. Extensive use of lighting is involved with art deco, incorporating ceiling lights, floor and table lamps, wall sconces and pendant lights. Art deco incorporates intentionally overly-decorative accessories, creating a bold, vibrant space.
Originally made popular in the 1980’s is the minimalist design style, which utilizes cool colours and white elements to create a space of simplicity. A minimal number of objects and decor accents are used to maintain this minimalist look, only incorporating the ideal number of items in the room. Everything is reduced to a point where it would be futile to remove anything further in an effort to improve the design. Repetition of structures, basic materials and simple geometric forms help create a sense of order and quality. Natural light is often used as a feature to help reveal the simple yet clean space.
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