Elements of a Bookcase and How to Style it

October 23, 2017

A bookcase can make a massive difference on the esthetics of a room. It’s also a great piece to have that serves both as decor and a more functional item to house your photos, books, vases, or anything else you want to be on display.
But there are specific ways to decorate a bookcase in order to make the most of its decorative contribution to your home. Understanding the elements of a bookcase can help make it a real showpiece to your space.
bookcaseAdd Some Texture
The items that you add to the shelves of your bookcase should have a little bit of texture so as to make it pop a little. Consider adding items that are organic in nature or are filled with composition.
Add Colour
All the items on your bookcase should ideally follow some sort of colour scheme to create harmony while adding visual interest to the piece.
Keep it Organized
Whether you’re storing your books, magazines, or other everyday items of collections, keep them organized. This will provide some cohesion among all the items you’ve got stored on your bookcase.
Avoid Clutter
There is a limit to how many items your bookshelves should have. Ensuring that there is enough space between each item will help you avoid that ghastly cluttered look.
Add Something Eye-Catching
To make your bookcase an interesting and attractive piece, consider adding something that’s unexpected with flair, like print, sparkle, glitter, or shine.
Now that you know what elements are incorporated into the ideal bookcase, here are some suggestions to make the most of this decorative item.
It’s not called a “bookcase” for nothing. Start by adding some of your favourite novels and use them as accessories for your bookcase.
bookcaseTall Pieces
Layering the heights of all the items on your bookcase will help avoid monotony and add some excitement. Shelves that are particularly tall should have taller items on them. If not, it could look like there’s something missing. Vases work quite well for this purpose.
Photo Frames
You don’t want to have your entire collection of family photos on your bookcase, but a few hand-picked photos in beautiful frames will help add visual interest while telling a story.
A little bit of greenery in the form of plants or flowers can go a long way at breathing some life into your bookcase.
Art Sculptures
Break up all those books, vases and photos with something really interesting, such as an art sculpture.
Pretty Boxes
There are tons of decorative boxes out there for you to choose from to add to your bookcase, so why not add some to your shelves? They are not only pretty to look at, but also serve a more functional purpose by allowing you to store little knick-knacks out of sight.

A Bookcase Can Be the Perfect Piece – As Long As You Know How to Decorate It

Keep in mind that not everything has to match. Get your creative juices flowing and add some striking elements to reflect your personal style. And if you’re ever stumped when it comes to decorating your home, be sure to call on the experts in this field – Hope Designs!