Drought resistant Plant Materials to create UNBEATABLE Curb Appeal!

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April 2, 2011

Droughts are very common in the summer months
Hope Designs Toronto Decorating project CIMG1517 Droughts are very common in the summer months. This can be very detrimental for homeowners who are attempting to keep their homes exterior in tip-top condition while listed for sale. In most cases, when you’re trying to sell your home you have so much on your mind, watering your gardens and plants is the last thing on your mind! Drought conditions can make even the most seasoned gardeners anxious about the impact of NO RAIN on their plants.
Watering is one solution, but as a CSP, our concern lies with conservation! Rain and Water Barrels are a great alternative to collect water for future watering when it rains. However if the drought in your area is more severe, and you’re trying to be environmentally friendly and not water daily or weekly, tougher drought resistant plants may be necessary.
I have compiled a list of several drought resistant plants that are tried and true performers in Northern climates.
Note: these plants will still require occasional watering,
Spring Flowering Annuals and Bulbs to use in gardens or pots:Hope Designs Toronto Decorating CIMG1532
baby’s breath
begonia -wax leaf
dusty miller
flowering tobacco
gloriosa daisy
morning glory
phlox (annual)
purple fountain grass
spider flower
sweet alyssum
Drought Resistant Shrubs, Vines to appropriate for staging applications:Home Staging Toronto by Hope Designs CIMG1494-1
Dutchman’s Pipe
Red Chokeberry
Butterfly Bush
Flowering Quince)
Clematis-Sweet Autumn
Virginia Creeper
I have used many of these combination’s in my own garden as well as in many gardens for homes that I have staged, they are all great performers, your garden is sure to do well and will make a fabulous first impression!
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