Does Home Staging Work?

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February 17, 2014

One of the most asked questions we are asked is, does home staging work?
When it comes to selling your home, there are so many decisions to be made and things to consider. You can be bogged down with all the stresses that are involved. In the middle of it all is the clear questions of whether you will be able to sell your home to a prospective buyer. Toronto Home Staging by Hope Designs -Toronto's Award winning Design home-stager Whether you are selling your condo in Toronto or selling your house in Caledon, there is one part of the process that is sometimes overlooked but can be crucial. Home staging. Whether home staging in Toronto or home staging in Caledon, it all can become something that turns your home in Toronto, Caledon, or wherever into a sold home.
People ask themselves: But does home staging work? There are many reasons why it absolutely does work. And not just for new homes. Smart home sellers find that the same basics that apply to new home selling can and do apply to the resale market. Real estate agents start with certain criteria, a list of “must haves” for the property, but after those have been met, much of the decision is based on emotional reasons. The main goal in staging homes is to prep a home so that when potential buyers come in, they have that feeling that they stepped into their home. They want them to walk into a room and feel a connection, to feel that “this is it” feeling.
You might be surprised what small things can get in the way of creating that emotional connection to a home. Doors that stick, overcrowded rooms, or dripping taps are just a few minor inconveniences that may build up in their mind and leave a sour taste in their mouth. It is subtle, and that is what home staging can help eliminate. When potential home buyers are seeing maybe dozens of homes over the span of days, those minor problems can force them to get emotionally disengaged from this home and already thinking about the next home they are going to see.
Home staging can turn this around. Home staging can think through all these things and create the maximum emotional connection with any space that there is. Staging ensures that there aren’t minor things that overpower the minds of potential buyers and prevent them from falling in love with a home for mildly insignificant things.
Also, what will your home look like online? That is a huge consideration and something many people do not think through enough. Real estate listings online are plentiful and home buyers scan through them quickly. Staging a home can allow those photos to be taken with the best possible chance for browsers to stop and take notice. When the eyes flip through them so quickly, you need an emotional response from a photo so that people don’t need to use their imagination too much to see the home that it can be. You need people to quickly say, “Yes, that is a nice home right now. I can see me in that home.” There is nothing like home staging to elicit that response.
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