Designing a Luxurious Master Bedroom

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April 29, 2014

Thinking of designing a luxurious master bedroom?
Nothing says style like a bedroom that feels like you’re in a luxury hotel. For decorators in Toronto, improvements in a master bedroom are well known for adding an extravagant flair to the home and making it infinitely more attractive both for yourself or for future homeowners. It is important to take every portion of the room and figure out small and large ways to class it up.
Start From the Ground Up
Consider new hardwood floors. Although many people consider carpeting to be the ideal flooring for bedrooms because they are warmer in the winter months, all it takes is a comfortable and trendy rug to account for that. Hardwood floors can add a regal touch that carpets sometimes have a hard time depicting.
Luxury Bedding is a Must
Jump into a beautiful and comfortably dressed bed and you may just feel like you are living in the lap of luxury. Once you consider your bed as probably the largest canvas in your bedroom, you can begin to think about how linens, pillows, and the like can be your master brushstroke in your master bedroom. Use the colors and style to add flourishes that accentuate the luxury you are going for and compliment any other decisions you make in the room.
Custom Design a Headboard
Creating a custom-made headboard for your bed is not only popular, but it is a great way to make the statement that you want to make. You see it in movies, magazines, and high-end retail stores all the time. The incredible luxury that can be added when choosing an upholstered custom headboard cannot be underestimated. You can have an unlimited selection of fabrics so that the design can punch up the style that you are developing.
Consider Storage
There are many ways to deck out the needed storage with fabulous intricacies that create a luxurious tone to your master bedroom. Consider alcoves that include suede or leather upholstered backings. Consider displaying your collections in a way that treats them as trophies, not merely books or knick-knacks. This could mean getting design tips from old-style libraries that result in your clutter becoming an atheneum you would be proud to have in your bedroom.
Don’t Forget Your Seating
Whether large or small, having an area dedicated for a sitting area can add functionality and opportunities to add to the classiness of the spaces. This could be a reading chair that is merely tucked into a corner, an outdoor room that is adjacent to the bedroom, or it could be a large open space that doubles as a grouping of furniture and a space all in itself. Consider stylish oversized ottomans, upholstered chairs, and coffee tables as possible ways to luxurize this area and make it your own.
Moulding To Mold the Space
Add crown moulding that will accentuate and provide a gorgeous outlook to the space. You can have a distinctive appearance by having it between the walls and ceilings, choosing crown moulding that is particularly intricate and wide, and add corner blocks that create a flourish to the look and design.