Curb Appeal article Terra Cotta Magazine

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April 1, 2011

Terra Cotta Magazine featured article on Curb Appeal by Hope Designs of Caledon.
Hope Designs’ article on curb appeal was recently featured in Terra Cotta Magazine
Why curb appeal is so important? Curb appeal is critical to showcasing your homes features and to draw buyers out of their cars and into your home.
I was recently asked by the editors of a lifestyle magazine circulated in the Greater Toronto Area [Caledon, Ontario] to submit an article on Home staging. I was thrilled to be asked and considered it a great honor.
Featured Article in Terra Cotta Magazine – The Importance of curb appeal when selling your home
I choose to write about curb appeal because the summer market tends to be quite slow and as a professional home stager and interior decorator, I feel home owners need to do everything possible to draw buyers out of their cars and into your home.
The response has been very positive and I have received several calls an emails inquiring about my services from both home owners and Realtors.
The editors liked the article so much that they have asked me to submit several more in the upcoming months, I will keep you posted.
PS: It was my house and gardens that they featured in the photos (another great thrill)
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