Canadian Staging Professionals ( CSP ) Convention in Las Vegas


January 2, 2011

Canadian Staging Professionals ( CSP ) Convention January 2011-We’re talkin Vegas Baby!
Where else but the CSP Convention in Vegas could you go to acquire skills, knowledge, insider tips, business building and marketing strategies under one roof? Not to mention, the camaraderie and networking opportunities with Staging Professionals and Entrepreneurs around the globe!
Its all happening at the CSP Convention in Las Vegas!
The convention boasts top speakers and International Industry leaders, topics range from “Green Staging” by CSP founder Christine Rea, “Growing your Business” right through to “How to close the Sale” by Jackson West. Not only will these topics / workshops offer participants information but they will also be a guide to successfully grow your business, Im planning on taking notes!
As a CSP Mentor the knowledge I will gain will not only benefit my business but it will also be invaluable to the many CSP apprentices that work alongside me each week.
This unique opportunity is only available through the industry leader in Staging Training Canadian Staging Professionals and its only in Vegas!
My flight is booked and I can’t wait! See you in VEGAS!
Lori Howard
CSP Mentor
Hope Designs
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