Create a Luxurious Bathroom

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February 24, 2014

Create a Luxurious Bathroom With These 4 Ideas. The bathroom is no longer just a place to brush your teeth or wash your hands. These days, home owners are choosing to spend their renovation funds on transforming a traditionally utilitarian bathroom into one where they can retreat to for some much needed relaxation after a long day at work. Hope Designs Interior Decorating & Home Staging Toronto bathroom DIYConsider some of the following ideas to recreating your plain old loo into one of pure luxury:
1 – Open Up Your Shower Stall
Forget about those outdated bathtub/shower combinations, with a bacteria-attracting plastic shower curtain. If you really want to amp up your bathroom’s “wow” factor, and your space permits, consider creating an open, airy shower stall, fully equipped with beautiful wall tiling and a clear glass shower door. This is becoming more and more popular among homeowners, and for good reason – the clear glass makes a bathroom appear more spacious, and gives it a clean, airy feeling.
2 – Privatize Your Toilet Area
If you’ve got the square footage to play around with, why not privatize your toilet? This is particularly useful in a master en-suite where at least two people are sharing the same bathroom. Walling off the toilet area provides a much more pleasant environment for each party, allowing for some separation and privacy when each person is doing their own thing in the bathroom at the same time.
3 – Add a Soaking Tub
Many bathrooms have standard bathtubs that rarely get used, unless there are small children in the house. Rather than letting your plain old bathtub collect dust, replace it with a soaking tub. Forward-thinking homeowners are swapping their standard tubs for these soakers, which provide them with the perfect retreat after a busy day. Many of these soaker tubs are generally deeper than your standard tub, and come insulated. With many models out there featuring minimal decking, they can easily be fit even into small spaces.
4 – Update Your Tiling
A quick and simple way to really spruce up your bathroom is to update the floor, wall and shower stall tiling. Glass tiles are incredibly popular these days, considering the fact that they are clean and modern-looking, and are relatively easy to maintain. These choices are warmer than glazed tile, and won’t leave you feeling like you’ve just entered a cold locker room. Even just a change in grout can make a world of difference.
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