Colour Trends Dominating Interior Decor This Year

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August 30, 2014

While you’re still contemplating where you’ll be going for summer holidays next year (considering how fast these summer months went!), colour predictors have already come up with their list of hot hues that will be adorning interiors everywhere this fall. If you’re thinking of changing things up in your home, consider the following colour trends that are sure to be hitting homes across the country.
Rich Neutrals
The word “neutral” doesn’t exactly evoke feelings of excitement, particularly when it comes to home design and decor. But the neutrals we’re talking about that will be hot this season are more rich in nature. Think chocolate brown, camel and blueish-gray. Neutrals are very current, especially for larger pieces like sofas and carpeting. For these larger pieces, neutrals offer a safer choice, while still offering a warm aura about the space. Neutrals will continue to flourish into the fall, and offer a spectrum of variations for the stylish home owner.
More bold, vibrant, stand-out colours, like ruby red and canary yellow are safe for accent pieces to bring out a certain level of personality to a space. Pinks and reds, in particular, appear to be the colours of causes, considering the affiliation of pink to breast cancer awareness, for example, and red’s affiliation with heart health. Vibrant greens are also the go-to accent colour, with everyone’s increased awareness of becoming more eco-friendly. Use these colours in pieces like throw pillows, art work, or even lamp shades.
Gorgeous Colour Combinations
Single colours may be highly popular in interior decor, but the combinations of specific colours is also a hot trend this season. For years now, the mixture of blues and browns has been incredibly popular. As widely used as chocolate browns have been used in this colour combo, you can expect to see lighter browns grabbing their fair share of attention. Think tan, caramel or camel.
Black and white has been quite popular lately as well, taking influence from European homes. This colour combination is more popular in accent pieces, such as wallpaper and textiles, but don’t be surprised if this combination takes over entire rooms paired with hot accent colours like red or green.

Home Staging Consultation by Hope Designs paint samples

Home Staging Consultation by Hope Designs paint samples

What’s Losing Steam?
Yellows and oranges may be bright and evoke a feeling of sunshine and citrus, but don’t expect them to gain in popularity in homes this season. True yellows are becoming somewhat passé, as are bright oranges. If you must stick with the orange hue, go for a more earthy, deep orange. Even then, use them only in your accent pieces.
Let Hope Designs Help You Come Up With the Right Colours For Your Home
The experts at Hope Designs always have their foot in the door when it comes to the latest trends in colours for decorating interiors. If you’re stumped as to which colours would enhance your home’s interior while evoking a sense of comfort and style, let Hope Designs do the work for you! Visit today for more information!