Closet Storage Solutions For Smaller Spaces

March 1, 2021
closet space

If you live in a small space, like a condo or stacked townhouse, you may find your closet space is lacking, or perhaps non-existent. That can pose a problem when it comes to stashing your belongings. So, what can you do to make up for the lack of adequate closet space in your home?

Here are a few ways to add a bit more storage out of small closets or create your own closet space altogether.

Hang a Second Rod

There’s no reason to leave a lot of empty space underneath your clothing that’s hanging from a closet rod. Instead, consider adding a second rod to your closet to instantly double the amount of space you have to hang your garments.

Use Shelf Dividers

It’s easy to make poor use of shelving space if your clothing and items are not properly stored. To help ensure you maximize this limited space, add some shelf dividers to keep your stacks of tops and bottoms in their own separate upright piles that don’t impede on each other. Plus, they’ll help keep your nicely-folded garments from toppling over and making an unsightly mess.

Hang Under-Shelf Baskets

Another way to make better use of your shelves is to use them to anchor baskets that can be hung underneath. It’s just another way to make the most of your shelving and occupy every square inch of your limited closet space to keep everything in order.

Make Use of Hooks

Your jackets, sweat tops, and other large items that you tend to use all the time may do well on hooks rather than taking up space in your closet. Hang them behind your closet door or hang a rack of hooks on some wall space in your bedroom to make use of empty wall space.

You can also use the inside of your closet door to hang racks that can occupy the entire vertical space to store shoes, scarves, and other accessories that you otherwise may not have room for.

Add Built-in Cabinetry

If you’re so inclined and have the budget, consider having built-in cabinetry custom-made and installed on your wall space. This can work well in just about any space, including foyers, hallways, and bedrooms.

Add a Mix of Drawers, Doors, and Hardware

Whether you’re working with an existing closet or are installing new cabinetry, consider including a mix of hardware, drawers, and doors to give you options to properly store various types of items.

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