Closet Organizers: Designer Handbags

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November 26, 2017

Closet Organizers: Designer Handbags

If you’re a purse and designer handbag addict, you’ve probably developed quite the collection. And while your friends will definitely have closet envy and you will have something to admire and enjoy using, owning so many purses and bags can come with a small problem – lack of adequate storage.
What are you supposed to do with all the purses that you continue adding to your arsenal of designer handbags and shoes?
Luckily, taking a few tips from the experts in the world of interior design and closet organizing can help you keep all of your prized possessions in proper order so your home is no longer held hostage by your latest Louis Vuitton, Chanel or any of your favourite top designer’s piece.

Store Frequently Used Purses on Open Shelving

Let’s face it – you can’t use every bag you own every single day. There are typically those that you only use on special occasions once in a while and there are others that you tend to use more often. The bags that you use on a daily basis should be stored in such a manner so as to provide you with easy access. That way you won’t have to sift through your collection to find them, making a big mess in the meantime.
In addition, you’ll want to keep the more expensive pieces locked behind doors. If you want them on display, glass doors will do. Otherwise, keep them hidden behind solid doors so they’re out of sight. This will not only keep them protected from unwanted individuals but will also make sure they’re kept in good condition away from dirty hands and dust.

Closet Organizers: How to store designer handbags

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Avoid Storing on Handles

It’s not uncommon for purse fiends to hang their purses on handles when they’re not in use. The problem with this is that the handles can get stretched or bent if they’re left hanging for long periods of time. Handbags should only be kept on solid shelving in order for them to keep their shape for the long haul.

Use Dividers

If your purse collection is extensive, you might want to consider using dividers to help keep things more organized. Not only will this help in the aesthetics department, it will also make it a lot easier and faster for you to find the exact bag you’re looking for. Dividers work best if they’re adjustable considering the fact that not all of your purses are the same size.
Closet Organizers: How to store designer handbags

Make Use of Hanging Purse Holders

There are all sorts of purse storage ideas, and obviously having customized shelving in your walk-in closet is best. But if space is an issue for you, you might want to consider hanging storage pieces for your valuable bags.
If you’ve got any hanging space in your closet, you might find canvas hanging storage useful to store your bags. Some varieties can hold purses in individual pockets – just make sure the kind you buy fits all the different sizes of purses that you own.
There are also other varieties that act as hanging shelving that are often used for storing sweaters and other articles of clothing. That said, they can still work quite well for purses too.

Closet Organization

Closet Organization

Use the Soft Cotton Dust Bag 

An easy solution for storing your handbags is to use the soft cotton dust bag to store your designer handbags. Those that are made from quality fabrics and from the best manufacturers come in all sorts of sizes with labels and drawstrings to make storage much more convenient.

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