Can Staging Your Toronto Home Really Help You Sell For More Money?

June 17, 2015

We hear it all the time in the world of real estate. “I don’t need to spend the extra cash staging my home. It’ll sell eventually.”
But when you say “eventually,” you may not realize that this could mean months, or even longer.
In the meantime, you’re spending lots of money in carrying costs – between utilities, landscaping, property taxes, insurance, etc – money that you could have saved if you had just staged the home right off the bat and get your place sold a lot more quickly.
Can You Really Get More Money Upon the Sale of Your Home if You Stage it?
Yes. Absolutely.
It’s a fact that staged homes sell faster and for more money compared to homes that are not staged. Most buyers don’t have the imagination to see the potential within the four walls of the home. By presenting the home in its best and most appealing way, you basically serve this image on a silver platter. Buyers want to see a home that they can actually live in and call home. That’s why staging works.
Staging Your Toronto Home = Selling a Lifestyle
Professional stagers know what they’re doing. They have the training and the creativity to put together a “lifestyle” that you essentially want to sell to buyers. Rather than presenting bare walls and outdated furniture, setting the place up so that it’s appealing to the masses based on current home decor trends will help you successfully sell this lifestyle – and your home – quickly and for the most money possible.
When people see the home in all its glory with modern pieces that are strategically placed, they will covet that type of lifestyle, and even be convinced that it’s more expensive than the price tag.
At the end of the day, staging your Toronto home is more about selling this lifestyle rather than selling the actual physical property. Why do you think home builders fully furnish and upgrade their model homes? They want to send buyers a message that this lifestyle can be theirs.
Don’t just sell your home, sell a lifestyle.
And at Hope Designs, that’s exactly what we do.