Can I afford the luxury of a freestanding bathtub?

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February 3, 2014

The Luxury of a Freestanding Bathtub

Hope Designs freestanding soaker tub106338023100

Hope Designs freestanding soaker tub106338023100

People love to have the luxuries in life.
Hope Designs understands that feeling. We feel that luxury should not stop when it comes to your home!
The catch in most situations is that most people do not have the funds to finance the expensive home amenities they desire, while others have a larger budget to play with. Well if you are a homeowner that loves to have that luxurious feeling no matter the circumstance, there are ways to get what you desire.
Though the year has just begun there are early trends that have emerged in homes. One of the most popular is the freestanding tub. Of course this style has been around for quite sometime, so what has changed? Well, we at Hope Designs have the answer! The truth is they have been made affordable. The freestanding tub had been considered by many a commodity only for the rich and famous fortunately that is no longer the case.
What companies have done to make this luxury affordable is give homeowners variety. In the past these tubs were usually made out of cast iron or copper and brass, which are great for retaining heat but not for retaining money in your pocket. The economical approach companies have taken is to build the tubs out of acrylic and fiberglass. Much like the cast iron tub, the acrylic can be found in many shapes and sizes along with an array of colors to make your bathroom unique.
So what is the big deal about these tubs? Why the popularity you ask? It’s quite simple; just take a trip to the spa. That same feeling can be obtained in the comfort of your own home. The tubs are generally coveted because of the ability to allow the user to submerge their entire body for a relaxing and soothing soak. The other great plus about these tubs is that they will give your bathroom a look of luxury and sophistication.
When going out to look for your future freestanding tub you should be ready to see a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, materials, and yes, prices. These tubs can get pricey and the alluring looks and designs can have you falling in love at first glance but remember, that is not necessary for a couple of reasons. One, there are far too many options that will make your bathroom look great! The other is that your eye may find a tub that is not compatible with your bathroom. What this means is you have to take into consideration your bathroom and what it can handle. A cast iron tub may catch your eye but can your bathroom floor support the weight of a cast iron tub? How much money will you have to spend to make sure the tub is installed properly? These are things all homeowners should take into consideration when purchasing.
We suggest meeting with one of our contractors before you consider purchasing a freestanding tub or doing any renovations for that matter.
Hope Designs freestanding bathtub 108208001101
Hope Designs freestanding bathtub 108546530100
Hope Designs freestanding bathtub 108546006100
As the New Year continues there will be more trends that follow in the upcoming months. Though the concept of a freestanding tub is a trend, a homeowner has so many options with this item that the bathroom will always be not only a soothing area but also a unique space with a homeowner’s personal touch! For more trends and news make sure you log into Hope Designs to keep you updated!
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