Basement Staging – Creating a Family Room That Sells!

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March 11, 2014

DYI Basement Staging – Creating a Family Room That Sells!
When it comes to putting your home up for sale and preparing it for showings, the more livable space you can show prospective buyers, the better. A finished basement is one of the spaces in a home that can really seal the deal for buyers on the prowl for a new house. Once you have defined the basement space as a family room, how it’s presented and staged plays a huge role in how quickly a deal can be reached. Even the most dull, dark, drab and dingy basement can be transformed into a space that will have prospective buyers “oohing” and “ahhhing”, and quickly putting in an offer to purchase the property.
Here are 4 tips to staging your basement easily and affordably to increase offers coming in and selling for top dollar:
1 – Choose a Neutral Colour Palette
Selecting a neutral, bright colour palette in the basement can add some life and warmth to the space. Hues like beige, off-white and pale yellow can warm up a basement that otherwise has minimal natural light. Such colours are also more appealing to the masses, which will leave a positive impression on a higher number of buyers. Painting the walls of the basement is a relatively quick and cheap way to breathe life into the space. The furnishing you use should also feature neutral colours to keep the entire space warm and inviting.
2 – Arrange Your Furnishings Adequately
A basement family room needs to be properly furnished to function as a place of both entertainment and relaxation. Ample seating space is important, which will help set the tone for casual entertaining. If the space permits, consider arranging the furniture so it “floats”, rather than lining the walls with your furniture to help make the space appear even larger. Just make sure that you are not blocking any natural pathways or windows to keep ample flow.
3 – Light Up Your Basement As Much As Possible
If there’s one thing that basements generally lack, it’s natural lighting. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a walk-out basement, most likely you’re left with tiny windows near the tops of the walls as your source of natural light. To brighten up the space, try to light up the space as much as you can using other light sources. Recessed lighting works wonders, but if installing a few pot lights is too much work or too expensive for your budget, consider installing some track lighting that features multiple light heads on one rod, which are easy to install are are quite affordable. Don’t forget to highlight certain areas of the basement with table and floor lamps as well.
4 – Art and Wall Decor
Artwork and wall decor can help to improve the overall esthetics and style of a basement family room, so be sure to make use of such items to bring out the best in this space. If your colour palette and furnishings are neutral in colour, you have more liberty to add a punch of bold colour in your artwork and accent decor. Using pieces that features rich reds or bright greens can add life and warmth to the basement, and can create an impression that the room has lots of energy. Stick to pieces that are either similar in shape or colour in order to stay along the same theme.
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