Balancing Your Layout With Sectional Sofas in Your Toronto Home

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September 16, 2015

Sectional sofas are stylish and comfortable pieces to outfit a space with, but considering their size and bulkiness, they can be pretty tough to contend with. Balancing a layout with sectional sofas can be a challenge. Yet the size of these pieces is also a plus, as they can easily become the focal point of a room upon which you can build. Since they offer plenty of seating, you usually don’t need to accompany these sofas with all sorts of other seating.
What you need to consider when placing a sectional in your space is the size of the room, your needs, design preferences, and so forth.
Here are some layout ideas for your sectional sofa go consider.
Create Balance
Regardless of what pieces you are furnishing your home with, the key lies in balance when it comes to the layout. Since many sectionals tend to come with a shorter end, you can easily achieve balance by adding a single chair across from that shorter end to attain balance. Having a chair across from the internal corner of the sofa will help to complete an invisible square. The single opposing chair rounds off the space for ideal socializing and conversing.
Narrow Rooms
If you’re dealing with a rather narrow room and the longer side of the sectional sofa needs to be balanced out, face it with two seats. Only one seat would throw the room a little off balance. If you want to include a coffee table, make sure the two chairs you choose are not bulky as to take up valuable space.
A sectional that features even-length ends makes it easy to balance with two small chairs, or one larger one. Keep an open feeling in the layout by placing the chair diagonal to the sectional sofa’s back. Long, narrow spaces can pose a challenge. In this case, consider adding an area rug, and make the sectional and chairs face each other for a much more open arrangement.
Large Rooms
If you have a large room that you are using for two different purposes – such as a living room and dining areas – keep the lines of sight open by adding low-key accessories to the sofa, which will help balance out the furniture arrangement while keeping the space looking and feeling open. You might even consider adding two sectionals that face across from each other if the space permits!
Small Rooms
Smaller spaces can be accommodated with ottomans placed across the longer portion of the sofa to add seating, but avoid blocking the view of things such as the TV. You can either choose to leave the ottomans out, and tuck them away when they’re not being used. Just make sure that you measure the room and the sofa carefully so you don’t overcrowd or overwhelm the space.
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