Afraid of Using Dark Colours in Your Home? Don’t Be

June 9, 2018

Many homeowners are afraid of the dark, but not necessarily in the way you might think. Instead, they may be hesitant to use dark, bold colours in their home decor. As such, many homeowners tend to immerse themselves in drab beiges and other boring neutrals that do little to make a room pop.

dark coloursOf course, not all neutrals are bad. In fact, they make a wonderful backdrop upon which to add much more vibrant colours. But neutrals shouldn’t necessarily be the only colours that homeowners use in their homes, but many tend to be a little apprehensive about incorporating dark colours into their interior decor.

Consider this fact: studies suggest that an environment void of colour can actually be bad for our mood and our productivity level. Isn’t that reason enough to involve a little dark colour into our lives and our homes?

Interior designers definitely think so and are often on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to bold hues. Colours like dark grey, dark purples, deep blues, and even black can make a room really stand out, in a good way.

So, how can you incorporate dark hues into your home? Here are a couple of suggestions:

Accessories. If you want to start small and subtle, consider using darker colours in your accent pieces, which can be quickly and easily swapped out if you’re feeling uneasy. Curtain panels, some cheery throw pillows, or even an area rug can instantly add some pizzazz to a space.

Accent walls. One of the best ways to pick the right colour is to start with one accent wall to introduce a darker hue to a space. Wall color is still the easiest, fastest, and the most affordable way to change up the feel of a room. Then tie in the colour with a couple of accent pieces throughout the room. If your furniture is neutral, you can afford to be bold with your interior paint colours.

Focal points. To add some drama to a space without going overboard with a dark colour, consider adding a deep hue to focal points in a space, such as an interior door, statement furniture piece, or any other item that creates a focal point in a room.

What Colour Should You Pick?

You’ve decided to take the leap and add a bold colour to your space, but how do you go about picking the right one with all the choices available out there? This is hands down the toughest challenge that homeowners face when adding a dark colour to their homes.

dark coloursDon’t be overwhelmed by the options out there. Many colours won’t be your taste, while others simply won’t go with your furniture or the rest of your home. That alone will help you eliminate many colours from the table. Now you can start focusing on others that you like and could work well in your space.

One way to start narrowing down your choices is by flipping through home decor magazines or websites. Scope out rooms that you are drawn to and bookmark them. Once you start flipping back, you’ll start to see a pattern of what is starting to feel right to you.

You can also check out some vignettes from furniture stores or a few paint sample walls behind furniture displays to let you see how the walls and furniture colours go together.

Still Not Sure What Colour to Pick? Call Hope Designs!

At Hope Designs, we can help you choose the right colour for your space and help you get over your fear of dark colours! Call us today to schedule a colour consultation!