A REAL DEAL BREAKER – Dingy Bathrooms – Home Staging Tips for Caledon by Hope Designs

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April 2, 2011

A real deal breaker – dingy bathrooms – Home Staging Tips for Caledon by Hope Designs
One sure fire way to loose a sale is to show a home with dingy bathrooms. Home owners want to feel as though they are entering a spa like environment. Tubs and showers typically show wear and tear quite quickly due to mold and mildew. Constant water rushing down on the tub and tiles creates, stains, watermarks, mold, and soap scum. Not only are some of these conditions a health hazard but they are unsightly and give buyers the impression that the home has not been maintained.
Re-caulking is an quick and inexpensive remedy for this problem. A tube of caulking can be purchased for as little as 2 dollars and can cover a multitude of sins! How-to-remove-ugly-mold-by-Hope-Designs-Toronto-imgres-160 x 160
Below please find quick and easy instructions for re-caulking your bathroom:
Begin by removing all of the old caulking. Using a utility knife cut along the edge of the old caulking. You can typically pull it off in large sections.once you have scored the edge. Use a putty knife to remove caulking which still remains.
Scrub the areas where the caulking has been removed using bleach. This will kill all mildew that may still remain. Let the area dry completely before re-caulking.
Next, cut the tip off of your tube of caulking and apply a bead of caulking directly to the joint. Use your finger to smooth it out. Be sure to wet your finger as this helps to keep the caulking smooth. caulking DIY tips by Hope Designs Interior Decorating and Home Staging Toronto
Allow the caulking to dry a minimum twenty four hours before you use your tub or shower so that the caulking can cure. Clean up any excess caulking using a wet rag.
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