6 Tips to Arranging Furniture in Your Toronto Home


August 13, 2015

When it comes to creating the perfect space in your home, the furniture plays a huge role in its overall look and feel. But more than just the furniture itself, it’s how the pieces are arranged that is of utmost importance. You could have the most fabulous lounge chair, for example, but of it’s improperly placed, it’ll have little effect on the decor of the room.
Whether you’re staging your home for sale, or are just looking to revamp your home’s interior decor, consider these tips to arranging furniture in your Toronto home.
Get Your Tape Measure Out
Before you do anything, you’ve got to have a blueprint of the space where the furniture will be placed. Knowing exactly how big the room is and its dimensions will determine what you’ll be able to fit in there. Don’t get thrown off with how certain pieces look in a furniture store showroom – these spaces are massive compared to the average home. Your best bet is to take precise measurements of the space, and mark off where doorways and windows are located as well.
Decide the Function of the Space
It’s important to define areas when you’re coming up with spots to place your furniture pieces. Every room and parts of rooms need to have a clearly defined function, otherwise it’ll just make the room confusing. For instance, in a big living room, create either one main conversation area, or several. You can easily divide spaces in the same room through the use of different colours, area rugs, or how you arrange the furniture.
Determine a Focal Point
You can create a strong visual appeal to a room by coming up with a focal point. When arranging your furniture, establish a focal point around which you can arrange your furniture. This will create a balanced and put-together look when you’re done. Without an established focal point, the room will seem off-balance.
Mix Up Pieces of Varying Sizes
Don’t just add pieces of the same size to a room. Instead, mix up pieces that vary in size in order to add visual interest and some depth to the space. Make sure the pieces vary somewhat in characteristics too. For instance, us an extra-large sectional sofa with smaller armchairs and side tables to create a dynamic space with various volumes.
Create Balance With Scaled Pieces
A lovely balance of pieces generates a more harmonious aura in a room by using the various physical qualities of height, depth and width throughout a space. When the furniture is out of scale, it won’t feel comfortable.
Float the Sofas
Who says your sofas need to abut against the walls? Instead, create a sense of space by “floating” your sofas so that there is space all around them. This will create a more cozy feel to the room.
Creating a beautiful home involves finding the right pieces. But it also involves the precise placement of such pieces. Leave it to the experts in home staging and interior decorating: Hope Designs is well-versed in staging and decorating every space in a home. Let the Hope Designs team help you create a functional, practical, and beautiful home that buyers will flock to!