6 Interior Design Trends Coming in 2020

November 8, 2019
Interior Design Trends

Some interior design styles stick around for the long haul and are classic in nature, but others tend to come and go. Others, still, are trends that we may have never seen before, offering homeowners a way to create a unique interior that is fun, functional, and stylish at the same time.

So, what trends can you expect to see next year in the world of interior design? If you’re considering a makeover on your home some time soon, consider these up-and-coming trends for 2020.

Wood Beams

Bringing the outside in is a big trend, and one way to do that is to install wood beams on ceilings in every room in the house. Wood beams are not only gorgeous and create an air of luxury, but they also help to create a much warmer interior. Plus, they create a fabulous neutral backdrop to base other colours and decor on.

Warm Tones

Speaking of warmer interiors, another way to achieve this look is with the use of warmer hues that are still vibrant enough to create visual interest. Think coral, yellow, soft pink, and pale blue to both catch the eye and add a pinch of warmth to an interior space.

Door Decals

We’ve all seen wall decals that come in everything from inspirational quotes to majestic images, and this trend is still going strong. But it’s also going off on a tangent in the way of door decals. These days you can expect to see an increased use of door decals that are quirky and interesting and are a great way to personalize a space.

Porcelain Shower Stalls

Tiles are popular materials for shower stalls, since they’re durable and offer plenty of options in terms of colour and texture. But these days, you’ll be seeing more porcelain slabs that don’t require a lot of grout work – and all the cleaning and maintenance that comes with it.

High-Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen designers are getting an increasing number of requests for flat-panel, high-gloss finish cabinets. They’re ultra modern and are great at reflecting light to make a space feel bigger and brighter.

Dark Cabinets With Brass Hardware

Another increasingly popular request among homeowners are darker kitchen cabinets accented with flashy brass knobs and handles. This creates a sophisticated look that oozes opulence and luxury and is a great backdrop for lighter countertops.

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