6 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Backyard Oasis

July 12, 2020

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your backyard, so if it’s not already up to speed, now’s the time to get it ready for the endless summer days and nights that lie ahead. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Add a Vertical Garden For Privacy

If you live in the city, odds are your neighbours are within feet from your home. In this case, you’ll want some privacy while you enjoy your backyard. While a fence is always the traditional way to separate yourself from your neighbours, you can beautify that space and add even more privacy with a vertical garden. Whether you allow ivy to grow up the fence, hand some floral baskets, or install a trellis to grow vines, a vertical garden can both add privacy and beauty to your backyard.

Add a Pergola For Character and Some Shade

If you want some shade but don’t want to completely block out the sun, a pergola might be the ideal option. Not only can a pergola be a great spot to sit under for a little shade, but it can also serve as a decorative piece in your outdoor space. Build one as big or small as you like, and stain it in the colour of your choice to add visual appeal to your yard.

Infuse Some Art to Your Outdoor Space

Art isn’t just reserved for your interior. Instead, take some of your artwork outside to decorate the space. Whether it’s a clay piece that you hang in your exterior wall, a sculpture, or a simple wind chime, these creative pieces can make your backyard a much more creative space for you to enjoy.

Take the Indoors Outside With an Outdoor Dining Area

While having a dining table and chairs outdoors is nothing new, you can make it feel as though your deck or patio is an extension of your interior with a cooking area, smoker, pizza oven, comfortable benches and chairs, side tables, and maybe even a TV tray for the ultimate outdoor dining and living space.

Install a Water Feature

Water can serve as the perfect focal point for your backyard space. A waterfall, fountain, bird bath, or even a small pond can transform your outdoor oasis. You can buy a feature already made, or create one yourself using various items like stacked rocks or tubing from your local home improvement store. Add a few ornamental objects and your water feature can be brought to life.

Add Some Low Maintenance Plants

Plants are a must for any outdoor space, but you can minimize maintenance by adding low-maintenance greenery that requires very little watering. Layer your plant choices and mix in some that like the sun and some that prefer shade. Add some pretty planters and your outdoor space will be complete!

Need more ideas to help you transform your outdoor space? Call the experts in home staging and interior decorating at Hope Designs today!