5 Winter Interior Decor Tips for Your Toronto Home

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December 24, 2014

When you think of getting comfy in the winter, thoughts of a crackling fire, toasty-warm slippers, and a cup of hot cocoa come to mind. But there are also ways to get your Toronto home winter-ready for the ultimate in comfort and style this season. To make your home winter-friendly and cozy this season, consider the following 5 tips to decorating for the cold months ahead.
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1. Cozy Area Rugs
Winter Interior Decor cannot be complete without a cozy area rug for your floor. A nice thick rug adds a certain level of comfort to a home’s decor. When choosing a rug, be careful not to reach for brightly patterned rugs that are better suited for the spring or summer. Instead, look for rugs that come in pastel colours such as brown, beige, deep red or even burnt orange. As far as texture goes, thick is where it’s at. Think of luxurious textures, including shag. As far as pattern goes, animal prints are ideal for winter inspiration.
2. Winter Wall Art
While it might not necessarily be too comfortable to be stuck outside in the freezing cold, winter scenes are still beautiful to look at. Consider covering your walls in winter-inspired art, such as a photo of a snow-covered forest or icicles dangling from tree branches. You can get a pleasant view of snow paradise right from the comfort of your warm living room while creating the illusion of winter.
3. Fireplace
What is winter without a fireplace? This decor item is the ultimate winter trend that not only warms up your home, but also adds a classic decor element as well. While a real wood-burning fireplace is lovely, if you haven’t got one, there are electric fireplaces that can still make your home more charismatic. Interior Decorators in Toronto can hep bring you a variety of ideas for fireplaces that would be perfect for your home for the winter – and beyond.
4. Lighting and Candles
Installing a variety of different lights in your home can be the perfect way to create the ideal ambience during the cold months of the winter. Consider layering your lighting to help you attain the desired lighting effect, including wall sconces, track lighting, floor lamps and even pot lights. Adding dimmers gives you the ability to brighten or dim the room to your heart’s content.
For a more simplified approach, lighting some candles around the room can also set the tone for a cozy wintery night. If you’re weary about lighting candles with kids or pets around, there are plenty of battery-operated versions you could use instead.
5. Wood Cabinets
Out of all materials, wood is the perfect texture to help set the tone for the winter season. While wood floors, walls and furniture are fabulous, you can also create a warm winter feel by installing wooden cabinets in your home, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. Wood is appealing to the eye thanks to its natural grain and warm colour tone. This material matches extremely well with winter, so use it wherever you can in your home!
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