5 Ways Coloured Floors Can Add Depth to Your Toronto Interior Design

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October 27, 2015

Who says that colour can only be added to the walls ceilings, furniture and accents? Adding vibrant colours to your flooring can add a unique and energetic aura to any space, which is why you should give it a go. Here are 5 ways to add colour to your floors.
1. Bring Energy to the Space With Warm Colours
Warm tones, such as citron and pale orange, can do wonders to boost the temperature of an indoor space where you want some positive energy to spread around. Because these colours tend to be rather bold, you can offset the hues and radiate the warm colours with white walls and furniture.
2. Use Patterns to Make a Room Appear Larger
You don’t have to leave your floors in one solid colour. Instead, consider adding some bold patterns to visually enlarge the room you’re decorating. One method that works wonders is painting oversized patterns in white over top natural wood flooring. Because the flooring in this case is so powerful, you don’t want to make the room appear overwhelming, which is why it’s smart to keep the surrounding decor soft and neutral.
3. Use Bold Floor Colours All Over the House
It may seem strange but the more you use an unexpected colour on the floors, the more ‘normal’ it seems. It actually becomes a neutral when used as the ‘staple’ colour for all the floors in the home, or at least on one floor of the house. Bold colours on flooring is actually less overwhelming than on the walls; in the latter situation, it could look as if the walls are somewhat closing the space in.
4. Use Soft Colours to Reflect and Transmit Light
Soft colours, such as pale yellows, create a bright and warm glow through a room. These happy colours will easily complement darker colours of the surrounding walls and furniture, which offers a welcoming place and infuses light all year round.
5. Use White For a More Subdued Look
While not exactly an over-the-top shade, white has an incredible way of easily quieting a space, if that’s what you’re looking for. While certain rooms were meant for energy and activity – such as the living room or kitchen – others, like the bedrooms, call for something a little more still. And white is the perfect choice when it comes to this.
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