5 Ways Art Can Enhance Your Room’s Interior Design in Toronto

August 30, 2015

So many elements go into making a space spectacular. And one of the most important pieces that ties it all together is art work. In essence, art work can really make or break the esthetics of a room. Here are 5 things that the perfect art pieces can do for your interior.
1. Balance Scale
Ideally, you want your home to look as spacious as possible. If you’re blessed with high ceilings, great. But if you prefer modern furniture that tends to sit lower than other conventional pieces, you’ll want to do something to draw the eyes upward. And art work can do this wonderfully.
The placement and texture of an art piece can be really helpful in developing a dynamic look that’s got a balanced scale. Art works has a unique way of being able to pull all the colours, textures and patterns of a room together quite nicely.
2. Add and Sense of Movement
You can virtually introduce a sense of movement in your home with the perfect art pieces that are strategically placed. Artists use movement to direct the viewer’s eyes on where exactly to go, as well as influence the viewer’s perception. By using art to infuse an element of movement in a space, you can introduce some rhythm between these pieces and your furnishings.
3. Include Colour
Colour is obviously an important part of any interior design in Toronto. And aside from infusing colour through your furniture and accessories, you can also do this through the use of art work. Pieces that you hang on your walls can be used to boost the colour scheme that you’ve got going.
And if you feel like you’re in limbo as far as enhancing this colour theme, choose a piece of art that fits the room perfectly, then build the colour palette around that particular piece. You can then pull other pieces in the room to fit this theme.
4. Make a Big Statement
While art work can definitely be a focal point of a room, it doesn’t always have to be. Sure, art work can be used to influence the rest of the decor in a space and create a big statement in a home. But you can always use these pieces to add a sense of style to any room in a home in more subtle ways.
5. Include a Revolving Art Gallery
Who says you can’t fill your walls with an abundance of art work to make it look like you’ve got your very own art gallery within the confines of your home? Or change things up from time to time?
If you’re a bit bored of your walls that have looked the same for months or even years, consider “recycling” your art work so that you change a piece from one week (or even day!) to the next! Switching your art pieces can be a quick and easy way to make a change and bring a renewed since of style and decor to your home. Every piece you pick can bring a completely different texture, look, and pattern to create a different feeling every time.
There are so many ways in which art work can be used to transform the look and feel of a space. But before you take this decorating job in yourself, you should seriously reconsider allowing the experts in Toronto interior decor take the job over for you. That way there’s no second-guessing the decision you make – instead, the pros can ensure that art work is used to its highest capacity.
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